New York Tranist Employee


My ex-wife move to Texas a couple year ago, she told the child support unit that I never gave her a dime of money. New York transit authority child support collection unit fax Texas child support unit 20 pages of payments that were made dating back to the year of 2001 and these payments were deducted directly out of my pay check. THERE IS NO ARREAR OWED TO MY DAUGHER. Through family court in New York City she elected to have payments be sent directly to her in Texas. TEXAS SENT A LETTER STATING THAT I OWE HER OVER 50,OO .OO DOLLER IN BACK PAYMENTS. My job have been sending her child support direct payments that was wired into her bank account and some checks were mailed directly to her. Texas said that if she doesn't agree on payment she received, I owe her arrears.

Texas has also Amended the New York family court order, according to New York family court, I didn't know they could do that. Now Texas family court receives her payments. What I doesn't understand is that they told me that the print out from my job was no but now they are receiving the same payment plus arrears from New York transit that they said was no good. Also when we went to Supreme Court to get a divorce in New York City, she was to remove my son from child support because he was already 18 year of age, she refuse to do so. HOW DO I SET UP AN ANPOINTMENT FOR CHID SUPPORT FROM N.Y.C. TO TEXAS WITHOUT GOING OUT THERE? I HAVE ALL DOCUMENTS READY TO SEND TO THE JUDGE OF TEXAS TO!!!! PROVE MY INNOCENT.

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