No deadbeat dad

by Trell
(Hickory N.C. U.S.A)

wish i never had a kid

wish i never had a kid

When my X wife & I separated in 1994 She dumped our daughter on her sister and collected support of 100.00 a week from me.She would give her sister 20.00 and a box of cereal for our daughters support. I went to DSS to have the 100.00 weekly support to go directly to the caregiver(her sister).The sister then had all the power! Every time the child support check was due she would lay out of work.

She has saved nothing for my daughter and has nothing to show for over 70,000.00 spent! She turned my daughter against me and would not let me see her except for maybe 4 to 6 hours a month. I found out years later that she was in love with me and was trying to get to me through my daughter. SICK PERVERT! Now she is 47 and chasing after my daughters 17 year old boyfriend!Buying him stuff with her support money.

My daughter turned 18 Oct 2008 and I stopped paying support. The DSS then reinstated the court ordered support indeffinately! I was shocked. The NON custodial mother has NEVER paid a penny for support and even had another child by another man that she doesnt have custody of or support in any way!The NCDSS does not even care about this all they want is money from me.

With the economy so bad I lost my job and make a lot less money but they wont lower my payments!I give them 100.00 a week and I am supposed to live on 40.00 a week AND supply insurance on her. I cannot file for custody because she is 18 therefore an adult,but she is a child according to DSS CSE!Ironic huh?Pretty soon I will loose my house and job then it will be jail because DSS is making me pay for an 18 year old adult. When does it stop? I involved DSS to protect my daughter and ended up hanging myself in the process.

I have not seen or spoken to my daughter in over 2 years she wont have anything to do with me even though I have paid over 70,000.00 to support her for 14 years. Now I will probably loose her inheritance as well. One day I hope she can see the damage her aunt and DSS has done to mine as well as her life. DSS should concentrate on fathers who dont pay and not rape and rob the fathers that do.

The DSS gets off on destroying your life,credit and anything else you hold dear. I wish I had never involved them in our lives and let the mother do as she pleased and screw the kid. She dont appreciate anything I have done anyway. NCDSS should be held responsible for all the damage they have caused to paying fathers.

If they put half the energy into nonpaying parents as they do screwing the paying parents the system would work a lot better. I hope all young men who read this will rush out and have a vasectomy asap because my lawyer says its bad now but it is getting a whole lot worse. If the state supports a child they think 40.00 a week is plenty to give a child for support but if its your money you can never pay enough.

Why is there not a set amount for a child to live on? Why should one child get 15.00 a week and another 1500.00 a week? Because they want to suck you dry for every penny they can possibly get and dont care if you have enough to live on or not do we not need food and shelter and clothing too? God help anyone out there that has a child and DSS gets involved,they are like cancer they suck the life out of you and enjoy every second of your suffering.

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