No HELP, None. Ridiculous

by Lisa B
(Morristown, IN USA)

I used a vacation day of mine to get the appointment. I paid my $25.00, to get the help from the prosecutor's office and nothing has been done. I am not on TANF or anything else. I work my A** off for my two boys, and their father does Nothing. He has been allowed to get so far behind, it is sickening. I was told from the prosecutor's office, "Oh we take this very seriously. We will contact him. We will give him the chance to make amends, If he does not comply, we will take his tax refunds, his stimulus, his drivers license, and further more we could even put a lien against his home." All BS if you were to ask me, as I have seen none of this. MY oldest son, has a severe seizure disorder, with multiple issues. I have Doctor bills and medications to pay for, He (the father) is "technically" by order of the court supposed to split this with me 60/40 and to provide the insurance coverage. Myself the 60 and him the 40.........And I have provided the insurance myself, he carries none for them. His sorry butt hasn't paid for anything. He has not made a child support payment since 02/18/09, and the one before that was in Dec 2008. I am sick of these Father's getting away with this crap. His (my son) last prescription for 20 pills came to $475.28. YES, I have insurance, that was the amount I was responsible for. By the Way this lowlife is $35,000 behind in child support alone. This does not include any medical, insurance premiums, that I have been forced to endure these costs alone.
I need HELP!!!!!!!!!

IS there anyone out there to listen.
Does anyone even care??????

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