No Rights to Visitation

Six years ago my Son was informed by his estranged wife at that time (He left her during her thrid affair) that she was pregnant. This would be her first child and his as well. Because of her extrmarital affairs, My Son had no choice but to request a paternity test to validate her claim. Because of the affairs, He did leave her as the trust was no longer there. After receiving word that He was indeed the father of the child, He offered support but she denied such because she was already working on another relationship. During her pregnancy, she filed for divorce in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. They did not go to court until after the child was born, and He was awarded visitation and ordered to pay Child Support which he was happy to provide.

Due to his ex-wife's anger with him for leaving her, she would not comply with visitation even though my Son was paying court ordered child support. Subsequently she became involved with another Man whom she made sure that my Son was viewed as a dead beat Dad in the eyes of her beholder. My Son and his ex-wife battled in Court several times (she went through 5 differnt Attorney's whom all withdrew due to her Contmpt) wherein she was threatened with contemp based on refusal of visitation.

She eventially lost custody for 6 weeks due to her attitude and the fact that she would actually would hide my Grand Daughter to avoid to the Court ordered, scheduled visitation. She eventially escaped the custody of the Tulsa Court system and reappeared in Texas without proper notification to the Tulsa Courts. My Son has not seen his child since November 2008, and has not spoken to her since March 2009 because he has no address nore a valid phone number. Now his ex-wife is taking him to Court in Texas to have his Parental rights revoked because she has not received Child Support since April 2009.... Without a valid address or phone number, it is impossible to make payments, but let's not forget she refuses to allow visitation. Nonetheless, my Son is now going to Court once again to defend his rights, and even though he has sent Child Support Payments to the address she provide and have had them returned marked "not at this address", he will be found as a dead-beat Dad.

His ex-wife has since remarried, had two other Children and is currently having an affair that has resulted in a separation with her current Husband. She is now refusing her current Husband any visitation and / or contact with his Children. What a joke...... Three Children that had nothing to do with their situation, being denied opportunities with their Fathers and Family members only to perpetuate the falacies of their Mother's existance and deterance to maintain a living without working or providing an income for herself or her Children. Where is the fairness to the Children? Why does the Court always take the word of the Women over the Men even if the evidence presented support the Man and the Child? Why can Women of Children continue to make false accusations against the Father's of their Children without actual evidence of the issues.

I can certainly testify that if I had the opportunity to have a Child 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year, I could certainly convince a Child of anything I wanted... As sick as that sounds, that is actually what is happening in the Domestic Courts across America. The Judges will not take responsibility for the case presented, and the Attonrey's are only in it for the Money.... No reason to wonder why this County is failing and our Children are becomming delinguents...

Think about it for a minute, if a Lawmaker (Attorney) is charging Clients $250.00 per hour, and billing the traditional 173 hours per month, why would they want to change the system? And if a case is presented by an Attorney charging $250.00 per hour and billing 173 hours per month, why would an elected Judge rock the boat to be scrutinized by his peers? Vicious circle, yes probably, but only because nobody in this present day wants to accept accountability. Such a sad World we live in these days.......

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