No rights

by Ray
(Colorado Springs Colorado)

For the last ten years I had been paying child support for my daughter which I havent spent no time with her at all. To matters even worse every time I went to court try to get my child support reduce or even get visitation rights the mother never call the court or they say they couldnt find her. Recently she contacted my daughter but my fear is she will do more damage to my kids which they are grown but yet remember all her harsch words towards them. She claims she always try to keep the communication open thru the courts and they will not mail letters to me from my daughter, ( what a big lie that is). I just want a relationship with my daughter, I want womans to stop treating the child like a piggy bank and stop violating our rights as a father. Is a simple matter and for the woman that say that child cost alot of money well if you are so concern with all the expenses give them back to the father. I will do anything to spent time with daughter but yet the mother refuse to do so, only if they know the damage they are doing to the child by no letting them spent time with their father.

We have rights also but no child support office or court care about that, they think money is going to give them happiness and dad and child relationship. I hope the money give them health and happiness.

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No Rights, no Visitation, yet Child Support is still demanded?
by: Stephen Dinnell

First off, when signing away your legal father rights while under the age of 17, is that even leagal without a DNA test or parents signature as well? I have been charged for child support, and even placed in jail. May I sue the leagal system for placing me in jail, and the child support agency for pressing charges, and making it impossable at the same time for me to get a job that would need a license to drive by having the DMV Pre Suspending my license? I also feel that my depression that my childrens mother new that I was giong through, was used as a tool by her case worker, to coerce me into doing something I normally would not do! My privacy at the time was also violated by the worker, by her making us sit and talk in the lobby in front of people I didnt even know, and my mother was never aware of this. I am now 26 years old, live in Lane county, and dont want my life to be lived out in an un humane way! any advise?

This is our Lot.
by: John Tedeschi

I have not seen my daughter for 10 yrs. I have joint cust. The courts propagated this for a very destructive mother,sad situation, probably because of all the yrs. that fathers were not good, now this generations suffers.. I pay 1500.00 per month for one child.Now the mother who has twins has destroyed my only childs mental health... I am getting older I am 58 yrs old and very tired of the way all this has transpired. I miss my only daughter.
I read all of your sad stories.Please be strong, Dont be saddened, if we could take a piece of eachothers sadness for a one moment and say a short prayer, hopefully we may find some level of peace and contentment. And hopefully our children will be raised well without us.

I wish happiness to all fathers and mothers that have lost your loving children, each one of you and your children are in my prayers, every second I am reminded I have a daughter,and wish I could help my daughter in her suffering life..

frustrated support paying father
by: Anonymous

Ray, you are on the money with your coment!But all these attorneys and judges are in the same bed the more strife thats created the more money there is to be made. And if you are a working man going into that court room take your deed,check book and dog go find a good box and set uo camp she'll drink wine and eat steak in your house you'll drink from the nearest creek it,s a money game and you pay the tab.It's not going to change not now not ever. Your exwife can take your kids out of state with out your concent,bring other men in for over nighters,buy them selves the finest of the finest the kids do with out and you have no recourse. BUT YOU MISS A CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENT the judge will burry under the jail I have the utmost respect for judges and our laws in this country but wrong is wrong and it will stay wrong till the ends of time until it's changed.

what rights
by: male bank account

Dads with jobs have no rights,i pay 500 a month an havent seen my kids in years . i sued her several times an yhe only thing that happened was that my child support went up because i bust my ass to work . the laws are made for the woman

by: cebrooks

Hi Ray,
What you need to know is that child support and visitation are two totally different issues.
Unless you seek custody, you will have to pay child support anyway, so concentrate your efforts on your visitation. Did you know that her not letting you see your child could be grounds for a change in custody? I know because i went through it.
Check out my website at
Your child needs you in there life, get your visitation rights enforced!!!
Good luck.

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