I am a single father of two beautiful girls. Right now my daughters are three, but at the beginning I was put threw hell just to see one of my daughter and for my other daughter, I didn't find out about her till eight months later. Due to her mother not knowing who the father was. My child support started about the same time when they were about 9 or 10 months old. My daughter Deziur, I had to take her mother to court because she was refusing to let me see my child. That is how the first child support started, I was paying thru the court system $330 a month, that was something I could some what handle, plus my lawyer told me she would get that. Then not even a month later I get a letter in the mail saying I was needed to take an DNA test.

I ended up being the father, of a 8 month old girl who never knew me or even seen me in her like. So I started spending time with the new child not knowing her mom went and took child support on me. Three month later I get a letter from the chil support offices saying I was needed to come for a meeting, so I took all my papers from court letting them know I already had one child and was on child support. The lady didn't even bother looking at the papers, she told me since I was out of the child life for 8 months there is no need. When I left out I was on childsupport for $532. my heart was at the bottom of my shoe, I was like how am I suppose to survive, pay the little bills I had. I lost my truck, my apt., it seems like I lost my whole man hood. having a good job and my kids get more money than I did, then on top of that. My other daughter mom, who I was on childsupport on thru court she went up there and told them I wasn't paying and got a raise $500. a good father can't win thru the system, all they see is your a man, and a dead beat dad.

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