Non Custodial Mother to 5

by WylieMom

1st Marriage-Married a man 15 yrs older for just under 3 years, signed pre-nup, I had nothing and ended up with nothing. This all happened around 21 years of my age. He hired big gun attorney, I ended up alone barely even making it, yet alone paying him child support. He continued to live in his mansion, even moved to bigger mansion. Then, married into my 2nd marriage not even 6 months later to a man who ended up being all forms of abusive. Left him with our 3 small children and lost to him who had a support system of a family with money, but yet could prove a stable house (it was his originally and never put on the deed).

Divorcing him, the 2 team up on me...I am currently paying court ordered child support for the last 3 children, continuing a loving relationship but the first 2 children I have not seen in 5 years nor have I paid court ordered child support. In the mean time, I am back out on my own 5 kids later, renting 2 rooms out of my girlfriends home (in which she has generously done so while living with) and scared to death as to what will happen addressing the first court order for the 2...what do I do? In the mean time, the 2 ex's have partnered up as buddies attempting to turn all of the children away. The first ex was never abusive, just didn't work out.

HE continues to live in his affluent neighborhood with personal gaurd, and owning several successful businesses. I know he doesnt need the money but it doesn't matter since the court ordered and this is how they do it in the state of Texas. I am not a whore, drug user, or even drink for that matter, nor do I go out (EVER!), work my ass off for so little. I am always broke, managing to do what I can with what I do earn. I'm already barely making it. I want to face this issue, but am scared of what it will do to my relationship with the last 3 children. Please offer advice..anything, what do I do, I want to see my first two boys that I haven't seen in 5 years?! Please help!

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May 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to you. It seems as though the ones who are doing good are the ones who suffer especially the children. Get a female attorney and just keep praying.

May 07, 2010
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by: FH esq

See if you can get legal aid to give you assistance in this case. Unfortunately, in most states when you go through the courts for divorce and/or custody issues, they usually get their hands into the child support equation.

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