Non Custodial Parent and Rights

I am a non-custodial Parent (mom) who was ordered to pay support. My daughter went to live with her father in 2002. At the time she was sent to live with her father (not based upon any negligence on my part other than missing the court date - he won her by default), he was ordered to allow me to have weekly (on Sunday) phone calls (I lived out of Indiana). He did this for a period of about one year. He then moved to another state (without notifying me or getting courts for permission). I spent 3 years trying to locate her. When I did find her, he refused to let me talk to her on the phone (as per court order) and he made her read my letters to him when I wrote her. (She told me on the ONE phone call I was finally able to make about a year later.) He changes his phone numbers whenever I get them. Currently he has moved from the last known state he lived in. I was told by an attorney in the state that I was living in that due to my ex leaving the state of Indiana and hiding my daughter from me, my child support that was due was stopped. (Something about "child abduction law".) Now he is apparently trying to contact past friends to located me so he can go after support. I am at a loss as to what to do. I do not have the means to pay an attorney due to certain financial hardships I have encountered. But I would like to talk and see my daughter again (and know where she is.) I plan to take him to court for keeping her from me, yet I want to make sure that I am not wrong for stopping my support payments. Does anyone possibly know of a great attorney I could use when the time comes? Thanks.

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