Non-Custodial father

by Errol
(west palm beach)

Me and my 2 sons at 2 and 4

Me and my 2 sons at 2 and 4

I consider my self a good father;i do not Drink Alcohol,Smoke or take Drugs before my son was born my ex-wife's step father told me in secret that I should not have any kids with her because she I seems like a decent good person and my ex do not know anythin good he said my kids will suffer they will not know their father and she would not care about them,and I should kick her out of my home-I wish I had listen .When my son was born my wife did not want to stay home and take care of him,as soon as she was feeling better she wanted to leave him with any one who had the time to watch him and push a bottle in his mouth at 1 month old,she wanted to go back to school and go partying. and hang out with friends.

So I decided that it is not a baby sitter's responsibility to take care of our responsibility,that was when I decided to quit my job and stay home and take care of him my self,which i did for three years pushing hin all over new york in the snow and carrying him on my back doing meanial work.When he was two years old he knew his time table from 1-12 he could read i thought him every thing i knew academically and he learned it all he even knew the anothomy of the human body; he could read a clock he could count in increments of2,4,and 6 he knew the months of the year and how many days are contain in each month,one day we went toth POST OFFICE and he was reading the flyers on the walls of the POST OFFICE and he was only 17 months ,he knew his ABC'S befors he could for a complete sentence.

One night I got a call from a male who said he did not knew who I was,and he wanted to speak to my wife,any way the rest was history -I came home one evening and she was gone with my son,and 8 months pregnant,i did not know where she was for two weeks I later found out that she was at her mothers house ,then when i finally found out that she was in cansas and call the number my son who was 4 at the time answers the phone and i ask him why is he home and not in school,and he said his momy was in the bed room wit MR.....?? SHe left them on several occasions alone when they were 5 and 3,because my son got scared one day and call me asking me for his mother,wnen I ask him where she was he said she went to do her eye brow,in spite of all that I never call the authorities on her she move to another state with her mother , then 8 months later she move to KANSAS .when I finally saw my son he was so devasted that when I left he took a scissors and cut his hair into the years go by she poison my sons mind against me ;the oldest one is now 12 and and he refuse to speak to me hand I have done nothing to him but give him love. I pay her child support volintarly even now that I am not working I still give her money from the unemp. check I receive which is $275.00 per week
I ask her to give me my kids ss# when I was working so I can add them to my ins.and make them benificiary to my co,life ins,and she refuse-saying that they do not need it and what do I need it for, she refuse to let me see my kids,or let them call me when I left messages I have not seen my kids in three years
I bought tickets for them to come spend time with me and she told them not to come see me,whenever I call to speak to them she do not give them the message,she do not have them call me for holidays and father 's I am being sued for child support as she claim that i have not given her any supportr since 1999 which is a lie because I have receipts to the contrary.

My second son's name came from the ARAMAIC LANGUAGE which means: "DEVINELY INTENDED FOR MAN" and I gave him that name and has been using it as my user ID for years,now she email me and tell me that if I do not stop using his name she will file a complaints againts me for identity theft. She has thought my kids to hate me the older one that I raised for three years and teach him all I knew Academically, hates me he do not even want to speak to me when I call and I have not done nothing to him but love him,the younger one has a blessing resting on him because he is the one who telll her that he want to call me. This woman want me to hate her so badly so she can feel justified in her wickedness she is doing every thing in her power to disassociate me from my kids, now she is suing me for money that she know that I do not have, because she said that her friends are getting tons of money in child support from their ex, and I am having fun she makes over $87,000 per year.And she is still trying to sue me for money she know that I do not have but I leave her to god,the Government is the main
ganster in this scheem with these diabolical females bcause they encourage them to do what they do, because the collect interest off the money they collect,they have found a new way to make us men into slaves in the name of child support.

The Government should not have the right to hold us economic hostages the way they do- when will something be done about this? and they do not force the females to keep their end ;they will have to answer to a higher power soon, because they help the women to turn the children's heart away from the father,and give the woman the power that men is supposed to have over his family that is why there is so much problem in this society; MALACHI 4:5 "BEHOLD, I WILL SEND YOU ELIJAH THE PROPHET BEFORE THE COMING OF THE GREAT AND DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD.AND HE SHALL TURN THE HEART OF THE FATHERS TO THE CHILDREN,AND THE HEART OF THE CHILDREN TO THEIR FATHERS, LEAST I COME AND SMITE THE EARTH WITH A CURSE that means women should not have complete Authonomy over the children .All you men who are suffering at the hand of these wicked females,and the court system,do not despair just do the right thing and do not hate them that is what they want you to do,leave them to god he is going to give them their reward soon..

God bless you all including the females

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Im sorry
by: Ty

I am so sorry this all has happened to you. I am divorced and am with a man who is also and we both have children from both marriages. I see him battle the department of revenue everyday and today he lost his license after we have gave them money (not the full amount because we don't have the money to pay the full amount) although we do many things such as pay for clothing, and everything else the mother requests until we found recently that is what her child support is for in the first place. I am at my wits end and i feel fathers are treated unfairly and this is coming from a woman who recieves childsupport and i would never do this to my exhusband, therefore, i wanted to tell you that your article has inspired me because i was filled with fear of what are we going to do now with the news i recieved that my husband lost his license when he is the only one in the home that drives i am not able to. You show me hope and i will keep you and your children in my prayers.

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