Non-custodial Mother

by Jenni
(Salem, Oregon)

Due to the way the current system tends to criminalize all non-custodial parents regardless of whether or not they pay child support and because the equation utilized does not reflect realistic financial situations citizens like myself end up destitute.

The father of my two children has always had the upper hand in relation to our daughters. He has never been held accountable for his alienation of our daughters in their relationship with me. In 2009 he succeeded in getting out of having to support our daughters physical visitation with me and as a result I have had no contact with my daughters since Spring Break of 2009.
There is no court order preventing me from access to our children. Only a parenting time coordinator who through email arbitrarily decided to end visitation.

I am a National Guard Service member, a Chaplain's Assistant and I work with a program called Strong Bonds who's sole purpose is to strengthen family relationships.

In 2011 the father of my daughters, filed a false abuse claim against me with DHS and DHS did not bother to do any work to rule out that it was a false claim. So now in addition to having child support exacted from my drill pay, I am being prevented in gaining employment in care giver positions. The Oregon Board of Nursing is holding my Certified Nurse Assistant License which I have rightfully renewed through taking courses and passing the exam, because DHS investigated me and did not clear me of any wrong doing even though they found nothing implicating me of any wrong doing.

Due to the current issues on Capital Hill, my Request for continuation of Active Duty is indefinitely on hold.

I ask you, in light of the intend of the Child Support Enforcement's intent to assist mothers in achieving stability to consider just how ineffective this has been in my case.

At this moment I face homelessness for the second time in part because the system has wrongfully criminalized me for being poor because my former spouse was allowed to divorce me and enabled to continue to victimize me utilizing the Family Law system because he was awarded custody.

In spite of all this oppression, I am attending a Master's Program in Social Work and I intend to find a way to raise awareness on these issues. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully gaining assistance with my research.

A Bewildered Mother

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