Not A Fair System!!!

by Sam Williams
(west memphis, AR)

I was first put up for child support in 2005. While was still in college. I did the beast I could. I sent there mom money when ever I could. She told me her motor went out in her car, and I sent her $1000. About two weeks before that I had just sent her $500, and I also had my oldest son with me while in college trying to make it. She then calls me about a week after I sent her that $1000, and said that she needed $500 more, and I told her that I could not afford to give her anymore money right then. She got mad, and next thing I know I had child support papers in the mail. I moved back to Arkansas so I could be closer to my kids. She then moved to Nashville, TN. It's been 3 1/2 years, and I've only seen my kids three times. Not exceptable for me. Their mom told me that the only way I would see them is if I go to Nashville to see them. Well, first of all she won't tell me exactlly where they live, and if she did It would really be hard for me to get all the way to Nashville, TN.

I haven't talked to them in about three years also. I already have custody of my oldest two boys. This just really hurts. It's like I'm nothing at all to any of them. The child support system has really made me a non believer in the Arkansas Laws for Children, and fathers rights. I feel like we don't have any rights at all as fathers in the state of Arkansas. I don't understand how can they enforce child support, but can't enforce a fathers visitation rights? Thats not a fair law at all.

I know I'm a good father. I don't even really know how my kids look anymore, or who they are around, or what they like, or dislike, or what they do everyday, how they grades are in school, if they are sick or well, if they miss me or not, if they ask about me or not, and most of all if they are safe, or not!!! I don't think people realize that we as good fathers care also. I just dont know what to do. This is really eating me up inside. I'm happy in every other part of my life except this part.

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