Not in favor of Child Support

by Liderien

This may sound odd, as one might assume as a woman and a single mother who raised her child alone, that I would be in favor of child support. I am not.

In fact, divorce has become about money instead of what is truly the main issue; having a father.
I have never received child support for my now grown daughter. I knew that I was far more capable of providing for my daughter than her father was. The only thing I wanted for my daughter was to have a relationship with her father, but that did not happen.
I came from a home where I did not know my mother and I lived only small amounts of time with my father. I did not have both parents in a way that was beneficial to my development. This is by far the more important thing.

Child support was created because women couldn't work, and when they did find employment were paid pennies on the dollar. This is not so in today's society. In fact, it is far easier for a woman to get a good paying job than it is a man.
Since women work and get paid just was well or better than men, child support should really only consist of medical and school expenses.
Men who have regular visitation still have to provide for their child/children when they are in their custody. They have to provide room and board, purchase clothing and other necessities. When they pay child support on top of these expenses, they are supporting the child in two homes. I believe if you do away with child support in the case of joint custody, neither parent should pay child support, and the non-custodial parent only pays for medical and school expenses.

This will do a lot for the family court system; 1. you will find out real quick who really wants the child/children, simply because they wont be getting any money. 2. the only thing parents will have to fight about is decisions made on the welfare of the child/children, which is where the attention should be placed to begin with.
I feel strongly about this issue and think that America needs to revise an out-dated law that no longer makes any sense.

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