Nothing from Fulton County, Illinois

(Fulton County, Illinois)

For 16 years I have tried to collect child support through Fulton County, Illinois. I feel the system has failed me. I have been forced to be on welfare by the county and the state. There are child support laws in affect and not being enforced in Fulton County. The Child Support Enforcement has done minimal work on my case. I have a 5 inch case file. Many times I have gone to court and nothing becomes of it. Always another chance for the deadbeat father. During these court appearances Mr. Cook out of Macomb,Illinois Sits there, saying nothing and doing nothing to help me collect what is owed to me. The judges in Fulton County are not enforcing the laws that is set forth for parents like me and refuse to enforce them.

Many times not showing up for court when the deadbeat was aware of the court dates. Many times his mother that he lived with would sign for the papers and when he refused to show up for court dates...the judge would do nothing and state well he didn't receive his notice to appear in court. When it had been delivered to his address and signed for by his mother. He was aware of the court date. Many times I would inform him myself after I would call to see if the papers had been served, he would state he was aware of it and that he would be there only to not appear. The court system has failed me and my child for many years and I am to the point I am at the end of my rope. The guide lines that have been explained to me states that every 3 months there is a review of the case which my paper work proves that to be false. The times my case has gone to court has been on my part. Going to the courthouse and filing the paperwork myself and then notifing that of the court date because they had failed to do the job that they are being paid to do.

He won money on a scratch off ticket and the law states that when they go to collect in Springfield, Illinois that it will be withheld if back child support is owed and I believe at that time he was $10,000 behind but still was able to collect the money.

He was ordered to have insurance on the child but I have been forced to have a medical card on here for years. Each and everytime I get the run around when they are questioned why my case has not gone to court. The ladies that you have to deal with when you call The Enforcement office are rude and have neglected to do their jobs.

He was also sent to prison and served 3 years and while in there he contacted Child Support Enforcement to have his child support modified. I felt when He contacted them that while asking for a modification they should of done their part and said well you are $20,000 plus behind in support so we will deal with that first and then deal with a modification...while he was asking that this be done I had also been asking that something be done to help collect what is owed to me. The modification was brought to court only for him not to show up.

Cook stated that he wasn't served with notice to appear and that they couldn't find. He was on parole at the time and had to report to his parole officer 3 times a week and they couldn't find him to serve the papers??? But he had checked in with his parole officer as mandated. When I brought this to Mr.Cook and the judges attention they decided to do nothing, issue nothing and to rescheduale the date only for him not to appear at that court date.

I have delt with Cook for 16 years and have questioned him just axactly what his job is and to no avail nothing he just sits there and looks at me as if I am crazy. I have begged and pleaded with him to do what is right and speak up and demand that the laws be enforce for the state that pays him to do this work. But still nothing from this man.

The deadbeat has worked for cash to get out of paying the support. He has worked for friends that own bussinesses only for them to ignore the with holding orders. His employers have done everything in their power to see to it that he doesn't pay the support.. There are laws set for employers that do this. They can be fined everyday that they don't withhold the support. So why haven't those laws been enforced when I proved time and time again that they was refusing to withhold.

I feel it is time for the State of Illinois to buckle down and get the mothers the money that is owed to us. There is laws that state when they get a tax return that it will be withheld if they are a certain amout behind and to no avail on that he has collected years of tax returns and I have received nothing. I do not have the money to hire a lawyer and when I have gone to see one and paid the consultation fee was told many times that I live in the wrong county to collect, that they do not enforce child support laws and only for these lawyers to take my money and be on their way to the next client.

There was times when my child would go and stay with the father for a visit and the child would come home with bags of gumball machine goodies at one time I counted over $100 worth of stuff from gumball machines and still hadn't received a dime from this dead beat. It is hard not to sit here and bash the deadbeat but I will stick to the facts and only the facts on the case. He went to Hawaii on vacation and was $6,00 behind at the time. It is a never ending battle to try to collect what is owed to me. The child had since turned 18 and the state has done nothing to help collect child support.

I feel there needs to be new laws on deadbeats. Here is one for example when they do show up for a court date and they are so much behind throw them in jail make them bond out. But as you amd i both know that would and could never happen.
Many women are forced to be on welfare because the laws are not enforced in my county nor other counties and it is time that they are.

I have emailed Lisa, begging that this case be looked into and that she would find that there has been no effort put forth on the states part to help collect and they have caused me hardship for many years because of their lack to do their job but no response from her office. Imagine that??? I have begged and pleaded with the judges in my county and the court system to please help please enforce the laws only to be told that if I didn't shut up they would hold me in contempt of court. Really I would say if anyone has been in contempt it is the deadbeat that has made a mochery of your court and you judge, many times I was asked to leave the courtroom and escorted out. Because I called them out on not doing their job. These judged took an oath to uphold the law and has failed at that and has failed myself and many others like myself trying to collect what the same judge ordered. The County is a joke and the child support enforcement is a joke, the judges in Fulton County are a joke, the system is a joke but I am not laughing cause when it comes to this and being owed money it is no laughing matter. Fed up and at the end of my rope and I feel I will never be payed what is owed to me because the county does not enforce the laws for child support.

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Il doesnt do a good job with child support
by: Anonymous

Ive had the same experiance. Now my kids are 26 and 20. Their dad lives in another state so nobody enfoced the court order for all those years. He owes over 50,000 for both kids

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