Nothing has been done at all!

by laurie

My ex husband and I divorced in 2000, he some how got custody of 2 of our 4 kids despite being a drunk, a drug user and having no job.

the court oder that we got had a payment amount of 310.00 a month. He then left the state before the divorce was finished.

He went to AZ and did not allow me to talk or see my 2 kids. I did get the child support at that time but he refused to allow me any contact with my 2 he had custoday of. I then tried to get help from the police in AZ in 2001 and they said there was nothing they could do.

I called missing children for the state and they would not help me, but I was still getting child support.

I stopped getting child support about 3 years ago and had not seen my kids in 5 years by then. Still no one would help me and a few agencies told to not to hold my breathe to ever see them again.

He was hopping state to state and job to job to avoid me finding them and collecting what my other 2 were owed by him. By then it was almost 10,000.00 and if I got a check for 72.00 in a year I was lucky!

I then found out he was in prison and my kids were in foster care. But as usual, the courts listened to him. He lied and said I beat the kids, I am an drunk, and a drug user. None of which is or ever has been true, plus I have a drug test to prove it.

But I guess it did not matter what was it only mattered of what he said about me to the courts. I cannot believe the courts would not give me back my kids, but they added insult to injury and cut my parental rights. Over a lie by a convicted felon and deadbeat dad!

So now I am owed 15,700.00 and lost my kids cause the courts thought that I should not have any rights at all or am entitled to show I am a good parent and person.

I guess since people can and do get convicted of things they are truly innocent of why should I act so surprised they would return my kids to me that were taken away by this man even though he broke the law by violating my custody order I had by the courts.

I now know I will never see my 2 babies again because the court thinks they have the right to slander people all in the name of justice!

I am going to make sure this man that stole my kids does some how face his actions of not paying his child support!

Go Ahead Matthew B Hutchinson in Scottsdale AZ, Run and don't pay! Hide like the coward you were when you beat me and put that gun to my head! Every dog has their day, yours in coming even if you think it is not! YOUR DAY IS NOW!

I don't want you dead. cause if your dead you won't be able to suffer in any way that is possible!

And I do want you to suffer in everyway I know of!

You cannot hide forever and you will pay for all your sins and evil you bring on others. You cannot be something your not, someone as horrible as you can NEVER change!

I know the real you and that will always come out!

I will not sleep until you are in an earthly hell as I was in everyday while married to you!

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You say I am wrong!
by: Anonymous

By the way TERRA FIRMA,

AZ just sent me a letter stating he ows ALL ON THE ARREARS!! He tried to have it dismissed and they DENIED IT cause it was CORRECT!

So put that in your pipe and smoke!!

There is slander and there is truth, I have the truth an he is living in denial!!! Not the river in egypt either!

So when you slam someone for saying something you better have the proof to back it up that their lying, cause right now the ball is in my court and I LOVE a good FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would not say it if it was the truth!! So bite me!

how easey it is to say otherwise!
by: Anonymous

For someone to tell me I qam slandering someone or claining libel is very off handed! It is easy to act as though ALL men are innocent or guilty! It is men like him that give deadbeat dad's a bad name!

I have a court order that states he owes my children money that is overdue. WAY OVERDUE!!!

I am the one that has a court order, I am the one that see's the balance go higher every month and he does not pay anything, I am the one that buys their clothes for school, pay for dentist bills, and everything else while he thinks he does not have to pay a dime of what is owed.

This money is not for me, but the children he helped to make in a VALID marriage! He did nothing to support them while we were married. So I guess he thinks he shold not pay anything now either!

So do not tell me I am slandering this man or what should be a man. I know the legal term of libel and slander. By me putting his name on this is neither! It is stating the truth and I have the proof to show it!

So when he has a warrant out for non payment, or he is in jail for contempt of court because he thinks he should not have to take care of his responsibility will it still be slander? LIbel?

When he has two states looking for him to pay waht is owed in arrears to the amount over 15000.00. then who are you to tell me I am slandering him cause it is on court record. To tell me I am slandering him when I get a notice EVERY month that NOTHING has been recieved at all by him in anyway for over 4 years is speaking about something that you know nothing about!

Do not tell me I am the bad person when he expects this to go away as if these children never were born!

You know what, I would LOVE for him to sue me them I would maybe be able to make him accept his responsibility that nhe never did while married at anytime!

It is not as though I got knocked up and we were not married, we were for 8 years.

So while you are acting as though I am one of those women that had these kids for the money that is complete BS! He did not work barely at all even though I worked 2 jobs to support these kids, just as I still doing to take care of them NOW!!! Ya, I guess 71.00 a week is so much !!

It nakes me think you know him, well them tell that loser to pay his bill and get a job like a normal person would do instead of having his parents and wife do everything for him! It is time he grows up and learn to be an adult! I have been, so why shouldn't he!

To have his shame exposed it the best thing to do, he wants to act as though he is so great even though he is a scum ball of a human being!

Easier said....
by: Terra Firma

It's easy to come on here and make claims of the other party when they cannot or will not come on here to defend these claims. While I am not saying that your claims are true or false, putting someone's full name out there, without supporting evidence could be considered libel with respect to the statements that you made.

If this is a matter of public record (putting a gun to your head, getting beaten), then I am sorry that you went through that and hope that he is found to take care of his responsibilities. But if there is no public record of this, Please leave these claims at the door. We are not here to slander or post libel; only that we are here to tell our stories about getting screwed by the system, getting screwed by the other party in regards to children and child support. Anything else is extraneous and immaterial.

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