NYS Child Support and Family Court System is the WORST

by PamRH

While raising my son for 14 years I received $50 per week without any increases whatsoever and I carried the medical insurance as well. My ex works off the books, has illegal tenants and hides his money in an account under my son's name. He was constantly allowed to fall behind in reimbursement charges and after years in court, was granted a payback of $10 per week while the charges tripled. No matter what proof I provided to the judge, she could care less. Even an idiot can figure out that it is purely impossible to live on Long Island making $11,000/year, let alone purchasing a home for $320,000. Claiming to earn 4x less than me - how was he able to afford an attorney which I couldn't? Trust me I do not mind whatsoever supporting my child it is the true fact that he absolutely never sees this money and I have had to provide clothing and food on many occasions while his father sits home and simply collects a check. I have even requested that this money go directly into my son's account and have been told "no it's for the custodial parent to put towards their financial responsibilities, ie. home, bills, etc)" REALLY?????????

After having heart surgery, my son became out of control and rather than provide him with services, the moron judge as well as the incompetent court appointed law guardian allowed a 14 year old to determine where he should live. Oh granted we still have "JOINT" custody which now that I am the non-custodial parent means nothing in the eyes of NYS. I lost my job and immediately took another one paying half what my salary was == and the court granted my ex child support 3 times what I received for the child's life basing it upon my previous earnings. The best part was the garnishment of my pay from my brand new job -- making the blow even worse. As an added bonus NYS Child Support has failed on several occasions to correct their error in making my deductions bi-monthly instead of weekly so I constantly receive a lovely letter stating I am in arrears for 1 PAYMENT and MAY FACE ARREST.. Are you kidding me!!!!!???? And forget about trying to actually speak with a representative to solve the problem they are the true example of inappropriate, unprofessional incompetence).

Several times my son has returned home to live but right before we are provided a court date - his father bribes him back home with financial promises which never come to fruition. I have contacted the county for help with a child that has fallen through so many cracks. He has obviously been in some legal trouble yet somehow I am not able to get the information but I'm sure if they need to collect money for it they will know how to contact me then.

I volunteered for many years as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the foster care system and because I have not only seen the County's broken system there but in my own life as well I had to excuse myself since nothing was changing for the better. The bottom line is that Children are made to suffer because of the inability, lack of concern or failure to do the right job through county, state politics all the way down to the employees pushing the papers.

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stay with me.
by: smrfr

I will tell you this.

Live your life and YES!!

Forget the Drama and problems, that the government(s)lays up on your lap.

Move on, You didn't ask for this. So coutinue living your life.

That's the Ex's problem, Stay with your man and child.


Only GOD can do you RIGHT!! not wrong.

Do you understand??

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