OAG no help in collecting arrearage of over $200,000....

by Michele
(Central Texas)

That's not a typo, it says "arrearage of over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND"!

The OAG is NOT doing their job in trying to locate the biological father of my 3 children, despite my giving them his address, facebook name, twitter name, LinkedIn info, the names of companies and people who CURRENTLY employ him by contract, names and contact info of his family members, his probation officer's name and number, etc. At one time, the ncp was IN JAIL...I passed the info on to the OAG (state, county, jail name, jail number, case number, ncp's lawyer's name, etc) but guess what...they DID NOT go after him!

The last known address of the ncp is in MidTown Manhattan, New York, where he lived in a luxury high rise apartment building paying rent upwards of $5,000 a MONTH! Before that, he was living in a million dollar home in a well to do community in western Florida.

The ncp DID send me what amounted to pocket change through a moneygram, but when he did, he goofed. I sent the info to the OAG and they were finally able to locate a bank account they seized. The OAG told me the usual process in that kind of instance is that the bank holds the money for 30 days then releases it to the OAG; at that point, within 48 hours the OAG releases the money to the cp. Well it was 3 MONTHS before the OAG released the money to me...and that was after me hounding them every 2 weeks asking where the heck the money was!

While I was grateful to have the money, again, it's pocket change compared to the arrearage.

Why isn't the OAG doing MORE to help locate and collect this arrearage? Because they say they don't have the staff or resources to locate someone out of state.

I had at one time filed a warrant for criminal non-support but the DA rejected the case!!!!

It has been suggested I hire my own private investigator to locate the ncp and hire my own lawyer, but you know, if I had money for my own PI and lawyer I probably wouldn't need the arrearage so badly!

My oldest is going to graduate from high school this year, another in 2 years, and the third 3 years after that. We were receiving food stamps briefly and the children were also on medicaid then CHIP...all the while, the ncp is living in a luxury high rise apartment building in MidTown Manhattan and some months we can barely make rent!

Fair???? Not in the least!

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