Oklahoma Child Support

Oklahoma Child Support Services

The Child Support Enforcement Division is a branch of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The staff in this office can help ensure that children get the financial support they need from both parents. Oklahoma Child Support Enforcement Division provides a number of services to families.

They work to find the address and employment information for the non-custodial parent. They can also help establish paternity, establish and enforce child support and medical support orders, and collect and distribute child support payments.

The child support staff cannot however, assist in divorce or property settlements, visitation or custody issues, or cases that involve spousal or medical support only.

In the State of Oklahoma, child support services are automatically provided to families receiving state or federal public assistance in the form of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), Medicaid, or Aid to the Blind or Disabled. Parents or guardians of children who are not receiving any type of public assistance can also receive child support services in the State of Oklahoma by filling out an application for services.

In either case, there is no application fee required for child support services in Oklahoma. However, if you have use a private collection agency that has referred your case to Oklahoma’s child support staff, you may have to pay the fees that apply to that agency.

Applying For Oklahoma Child Support
There are several methods that you can sue to apply for child support in Oklahoma. You can download an application from the Internet (see below for website information), or you can request that an application be sent to you in the mail by calling the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at 1-800-522-2922.

Once you have completed the application for child support services, you can return the application along with copies of any relevant paperwork (such as child support orders or payment history documents) to the State Disbursement Unit. The address for this office can be found in the application packet.

Families the receive TANF, Medicaid, or Aid to the Blind and Disabled will automatically complete a child support referral application at their local Human Services office. This form will then be transferred to their local child support enforcement office.

The most important piece of information that you can provide when applying for child support services is the social security number of the non-custodial parent. This can help the child support personnel locate the party and track his or her employment and financial information. Other useful information includes the non-custodial parent’s date of birth, address, name of employer, and bank account numbers.

If necessary, the names and contact information for his or her relatives and friends may also help the child support staff locate the non-custodial parent. The custodial parent will also be asked to provide his or her full name, date of birth and Social Security number as well as that for the child or children involved. Copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and the payment history for the case are also helpful.

If you are unsure where you might be able to find this information, begin your search by looking at State and Federal tax returns, hospital or medical records, paycheck stubs, bank statements, military records, or insurance policies.Trouble Collecting Your Child Support? Let Us Help!

Establishing Oklahoma Child Support
The Oklahoma child support staff will bring an action in district or administrative court to establish a court order for child support. The child support office will also ask the court to mandate a provision for income withholding on the court order as well as a provision to ensure that the child’s medical support is provided for. The medical support provision will state that the non-custodial parent must provide health insurance for the child if it is available to the parent at a reasonable cost.

Determining The Amount of Child Support
Child support in Oklahoma is determined using pre-established tables set forth under the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines take into account the number of children involved, the gross income of both parents, the actual expenses required in caring for the child or children as well as any medical insurance costs that are paid by either parent.

Using this information, a calculation established in the Child Support Guidelines is then used to compute the monthly child support obligation that the non-custodial parent will be ordered to pay. A copy of the Oklahoma Child Support Guideline can be obtained from your local county clerk or online at the website listed below.

Modifying Oklahoma Child Support
Child support orders can be reviewed once every twelve months by Oklahoma’s child support staff at the request of either parent. A written request for modification should be submitted to the local caseworker in order to set this process in motion. The caseworker will request information from both parents to determine if a modification is in order. If the new calculated amount of child support differs from the existing amount by more than 10 percent (either increased or decreased), the order will be modified.

Contacting Your Local Child Support Office
Oklahoma operates a Customer Assistance Response Effort (CARE) Call Center to receive and respond to telephone inquiries. The contact information for each field office’s CARE call center is listed on the website listed below. In addition, you can contact the CARE office’s text teletypewriter (TTY) at 405-522-3792 (Oklahoma City Metro) or 1-866-264-4767 (toll-free).

Oklahoma Child Support Payments
Child support payment can be sent to the Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry at the following addresses:

For Non-Custodial Parents:
P. O. Box 268849
Oklahoma City, OK

For Employers:
P. O. Box 268809
Oklahoma City, OK

For Other Child Support Offices and Interstate Payments:
P. O. Box 268954
Oklahoma City, OK

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