One Love

by Jonathan
(Jackson Mississippi)

My estranged wife stole my son from me over two years ago. My child was found wandering outside two days in a row and was taken into cps custody. I was in the county jail as this happened from a dwi from about the time she left. My mother was given no consideration in custody , estranged wife was charged with felony neglect. Upon my release I immediately went to dfs and signed a service agreement under the impression that "This just shows the judge that I am willing to do whatever it takes to get my son." I have been jumping through hoops ever since. Out patient, psyche eval., drug testing, parenting classes, all because of my past.

I feel that I have served my time for my crimes and would go as far as saying this falls under the double jeopardy definition. Also my son has been diagnosed with autism and they moved him to a residential treatment facility two hours in the opposite direction of where I have lived since 1990. I have had home visits, I work, and most of all I love my son. I have to pay for my own drug testing in this county while my estranged wife does not, also she has been getting vouchers for gas and such in order to see him. In the last three months I have been there to see him nine times, two hours each way.

I have had no answer back from my case worker in regards to family support team meetings, progress reports, escalation of visits, and inquiries into letting my mother visit, whom I share a home with and will help me take care of my son.

The only time I do hear from my worker is when she insist now that I take observed drug testing. I cannot do this as to a medical condition known as paresis, also known as "shy bladder", so my visitation rights have now been terminated. I also feel that as a citizen of the United States of America that I have a reasonable expectation to privacy in regards to my genitalia, especially when I pay for the testing and there is no doctor/patient confidentiality between me and wherever I get the testing done.

I am about to file discrimination lawsuits against the Missouri Division of Children Services in regards to all these violations of my civil rights. They have been dragging this on for a year now! My son lives in a place where all the children there have different special needs and are all different ages, his bed consists of mattresses on concrete.

It is basically a kiddy jail, where the food is locked down, he has made no progress since she left with him over two years ago. I even have proof that I didn't know where they were as I was working 150 miles away and staying in a hotel. Over those two years my estranged wife would call at least weekly with messages like, "you will never see your son again." and " I am changing his last name." and "he doesn't even remember you." and " I am going out on your money." I have all these on tape, they are the most hateful, and hurtful things you could imagine. I am basically being treated as if I was the one who had him taken from me. I am by no means a rich man, and I believe that they are causing undue hardship on me and my family by the way that they have conducted this entire case.

I will never give up and they will have to kill me in order for them to terminate my parental rights. My estranged wife only took him to spite me, she knew he was my whole world, immediately she had child support orders, and disability on him for his autism. I even have applications for the services filled out by her and my name signed to them by her when he was three and a half unbeknownst to me, she admitted to at least 8 different places of residency and schooling, but I suspect that he was never in school all this time.

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