One of many man trapped into fatherhood

by Asmar lawler
(Newark Delaware )

Too bestly shorting a very long story I was having a none sexual friendship with a kierra Robinson of Chester P. A. who had was dating another man at the beginning of this friendship who mislead me to believe so was possible pregnant by her ex.So she subdused to the will of a weak man who was dealing with a new break up himself from another woman. After the sexual act I thought about the possible of not her not already being pregnant. From previous conversations a child was in her wishes so I decided to buy a morning after pill the next day she agreed. The next day I bought her the pill on my lunch break told her when I was picking it up and dropping it off too her she accepted few weeks later she told me about some news to brace myself she was at the local hospital take a pregnancy test and it was positive. First come calls and text from former sex partners that she seeked out too inform one by one it was strange of how nearly everyone was informed within the first few weeks of the pregnancy. Even spreaded a lie about me and her being a couple meanwhile I was dealing with nothing but threats about child support about a child I wasn't even sure was mine after weeks of me not bending to her will of moving her into will or her helping her prepare for the baby I finally got the confession of her (I tired to attach but was unsuccessful will send at any request to a email) purpose of why she was about forcefully make me become a father completely against my will and wishes. The baby was born I was dodged, lied to and and ignored when I was asked for a none child support DNA test for about two months she filed for C. S. got the paperwork went the meeting to establish paternity gave my DNA and got 99.9 results. So In a effort to try and get my name out of that corrupted system because of a verbal agreement if I stepped up she would not proceed with C. S. SoI start to provide to my newly acquired responsible until the next C. S meeting where she was supposed to drop the case. She didn't $110.00 per week she was awarded and me working 70 plus hours a week to provide for myself and my other dedts I builted up dealing with the extreme stress from finding out my rights are going to completely be ignored and eventually I may go to financial hardship or force imprisonment for a obligation I never asked for tired to my best ability to avoid.When I ask for time with the child I'm denied because in the mother's words don't respect her.Where are my rights where is the fairness

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