Our Legal System Fails Again! He always WINS!

by Susu

I have been divorced for about eight years now. I have three children, a set of fraternal twins, a girl and a boy, and the youngest, a girl. The twins are handicapped. From birth their biological father (my ex) refused to believe there was anything wrong with them and repeatedly stated they were "normal" and like everyone else.

We divorced and I had custody. He was ordered to pay child support every month, but never paid the full amount for at least two to three years. Then I moved to another town and he called and stated that he had the child support lowered to about a third of the original amount. I had no job and no way to fight him. I only found out later that he lied and had never had the amount legally lowered, which amounted to over $14,000.00! He constantly called and harrassed me and threatened my life, screaming at me over the phone. I was afraid. I didn't pursue this and I should have.

When the twins were about 10 years old they had the opportunity to live in a center where they could be taught the basic necessities of living, such as potty training, limited school since they did not have the ability to retain information. My ex was livid and insisted that they were normal. He went out of his way to "document" every time I did not go and pick the twins up on my weekend, even if I was sick or our other daughter was sick. He and his family befriended the staff at the center and then he took me to court and the center sided with him that the twins did not need to be there, so he won custody and took them home with him. I retained custody of my youngest daughter.

We both agreed that no child support would be exchanged and that he would be responsible for the twins and I would be responsible for my other daughter. For the past three years this is the way it has been. Then just today he took me back to court because HE wanted child support. My lawyer and I got our ducks in a row and proceeded to court. Then in court after denying that they were handicapped for 14 years, he got on the stand and proclaimed that the twins are handicapped and that he was pursuing placing them in a center when they turn 18 years old! I was floored. Then the judge stated that I had to pay HIM $400.00 a month until the twins turn 18 years old! How is this possible? When I questioned the $14,000.00 he owed me, they stated that the statute of limitations had run out on it. I have lost faith in the legal system because he ALWAYS WINS! This is not right, nor is it fair in any way, shape or fashion. I wish there was someone out there who could help me.

My daughter does not wish to visit every other weekend, but the court is FORCING her to even though she is 12 now, just because there is no statute in Mississippi stating a child of 12 can choose not to visit. She HAS TO GO. She is a nervous wreck now because he threatens and tries to manipulate her, and she has pulled out her eyelashes, her eyebrows, and her hair. She has bald spots. I can't understand how anybody could subject her to this man. Any ideas anyone? Is there anything that can be done? HELP!

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Jun 30, 2010
been there, done that
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry to hear your story, I have been watching a simular situation unfold with my sons girlfriend of 3 years! Justice... i havent seen any. Good luck to you, I pray everything works out!

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