Outrageous Payments

by Charles

I was working a 50-60 hour a week, $19/hour job when i was with my ex-wife. With the hardships of economy my hours were cut right after i left her. I quit that job and found a different for a little less pay but more consistent hours. Because I made $60,000 in 2006 and and my divorced was finalized at the end of 2007 beginning of 2008, the courts used my income from 2006 to calculate child support. That was my best income year i ever had. Plus I have to pay for spousal maintance Now the economy is even worse and make only $14 an hour and I am going for a modification right now and my ex-wife is fighting it and they are allowing her too when she does not have any substantial reason too. Plus I owe back child support because it was never clarified in court that i was paying direct payments to her for almost a year. so half of my paychecks are taken from me. My ex-wife is manipulative and cold hearted and all she cares about is herself and money and screwing me over and trying to make sure i suffer for the rest of my life. And because shes a woman it seems that arizona favors women more like they are always the victims when i was the one being victimized in our marriage.

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I feel yor pain
by: Anonymous

Im in the same situation bro, there takind half of my weekly earnings and im struggling to survive.we need justice!

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