Overcoming Obstacles

by Lawanda Hooker
(El Paso, Texas)

Just One of my blessings

Just One of my blessings

Every since I have had my children, my life has been full of obstacles, some more trying then others. I have had the lean times and I have had the times when it seems the blessing where over-flowing. Through it all I have come to realize that my life would be nothing without the three blessings that I have been given. These are my children. I want to say now, I would not go back and change the day that I delivered each of them. Through hostile marriages and much traveling, I have been told that I could not succeed. Although I still fight for the child support I am owed ( over 40,000) and growing, I am blessed with very bright and intelligent children. None which have been arrested or been in jail or quitters. I am much " Thankful". I have no complaints where they are concerned. One child is in the air force and I the other two are on there way to bright futures. I feel that my story is one of inspiring others to go on. Money can't buy you happiness, and although it helps, the best gift that you can have for your children, is the gift of love and family. Now I am happily married to a " Awesome" man of God, who takes care of my children and myself. I have succeeded in a career, bible college and so much more. If I never see the 40,000 in my lifetime, I will have still succeeded in given my children a life full of positive direction and love. They can hold their heads up and always realize that it was my love that paid the price of the future. Thank you so much for allowing me to share a piece of our lives with you. I hope that even if this story doesn't win, it becomes a winner for someone out there that has experienced some of the same obstacles, and that they too will be able to see beyond the struggles. Then I will be just as satisfied and still feel like I have help someone win. Thank you again.

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