Owed Child Support

My ex-spouse feels that he can choose when, what, and if he will pay child support for our 2 children. For the first 2 years he had 25% visitation but that was taken away a year ago by CPS. I have our children 100% of the time and have not requested a support modification. However, he still does not pay and uses the same excuse that he's lost clients in his business which is untrue. He falls back on that every time he's due to pay. Now he's moved and left no forwarding address however I send all communication to his attorney of record who has admitted speaking with him. However, she also refuses to provide a current address which is a co-obligation for us to do so.

I am so sick and tired of hearing about "Rights for Fathers" and "Rights for Non Custodial Parents"....the law seems to be on their side while the Custodial parent has to take a 2nd job to make ends meet and try to cut through the red tape, jump through the hoops to basically beg the courts to assist in enforcing Court Orders that were previously enforced. Which by the way is a crock, because my understanding is that once a COURT ORDER is violated, THE LAW HAS BEEN BROKEN. But I guess it's ok to be a DEADBEAT DAD....must be because the law seems to be on their side. Who is on the children's side? Sure the custodial parent does the best to their ability to provide for the children, but the children suffer and the custodial parent has to "stand by" and watch because the law will not help.

Thank you. Glad to see my hard-earned tax dollars are taking care of the scum of the earth.

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