Paid my rears support

by Jeff
(Warner Robins, GA,USA)

I have to admit that I wasn't always on time because of some hardship I endured. I got behind on my child support because I was unemployed, nothing of no fault of mines. The companies that I was working for went out of business and were sold. I paid the rears when I finally got a stable job; the money was coming out of my paid check. My problem is that I went out to get a statement of how much was paid and how much was owed. Now according to the statement that they gave me using their figures, the child support is paid off. When I present this to my caseworker I was told that I had gaps in my payments which some of the gaps I prove that they still received payments according to my stubs. Now the statements did not show no interest added and when I ask to see the amount of interest added they could not produce any but the money is still coming out of my check. I have a hard time getting them to give me a hearing. Now that my daughter is now grown living on her own and have a very good job and the mother won’t help me get the payments stopped and she knows the money is paid off so how can I get some help to stop this. No lawyer will talk to me about this; they just say pay the money. I am not looking for sympathy and I am not looking for a reimbursement of money paid over just what is right.

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