Paying Child Support on a child that lives with us

by tlb
(Forney, tx)

My husband and I gained custody of his son March a year ago. The mother turned him over to us after we found numerious lies not only to the us, the attorney's and the mediator. We also confronted her about the mental abuse and medical neglect that she was doing to his 3 kids. After his son came to live with us, I took him to the doctor and she did a check up and blood work and found that he was about to be a diabetic. He had glucose attached to his red blood cells. Also, he was 5'6 tall and weighed 93lbs,had very dark eyes and you could see all his bones. He didnt eat meat and all he ate at his mothers was mac&cheese, potatoes and corn,sodas and junk food. That's why he was almost a diabetic.The son had given up on school and he was very very depressed.Since we have gained custody of him, he has tried real hard to pass school, the TAKS(and was commended on the science TAKS), see's a physcolgist for his depression and ADHD twice a month and our family doctor once a month. To this date, the mother refuses to see that he has mental issues and refuses to pay for his medical bills. So far, the AG's office is not enforcing her to pay for his medical bills. Now back on the child support issue of overpayment. Since he has been with us, the mother refused to sign all final papers thinking the son will come back to live with her (which that wont ever happen)to much evidence of mental abuse and neglect.We have sent the paperwork in that all parties have sign to the AG's office and they refuse to recogize it because the judge has not signed off on it. We have tried to make numerious attempts to go to court and have it finalized and they seem to cancel every time. Even though the AG's office knows that the son lives with us, they still are making him pay her child support on 3 kids when she only has 2 and we have 1. They also show that he is 1900.00 behind in child support when in reality, he is not. So, they have up his child support $160 more a month. Now, my question is, since she will owe us back all that overpayment and medical support will we get it back all at once or will it be divided up over months and years? Even though people are very frustrated at the AG's office, I think they can do better than they have been. Not everybody is a dead beat parent!!!!

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