Child support Computation

Im just curious as to why child support guidlines are based on two parents providing a certain amount of support for a child or children. The non custodial parent is demanded to make payments and even add up to arrears or further legal actions, while the custodial parent can have no income but is not required to provide proof of their own support. The "guidelines" cleary state calculations are made on both parents income.

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Woman on both sides

by Anonymous

My x pays me a lower amount of child support than when we first separated. He had a good job making decent pay but was laid off and has since been hired at a lower paying job. I understand and have no problem with him paying the lower amount. It is fair.

My current boyfriend has an x that is totally opposite and is being a nasty bitch because he has tried to have his payments modified.
I have realized that women can be true bitches when it comes to child support and the court system not only allows it but embraces it. I wish something could be done to make it fair and I also wish that those mothers would realize that they are choosing to make the fathers of their children suffer financially and it is totally uncalled for.

Courts and judges are unfair and the law is one-sided and is written in a way to allow paying fathers to be grossly taken advantage of. It is wrong. My son is 16 and the decrease from $500 a month to $300 a month has made it a little tougher but he is not hurting for anything and hasn't since it was lowered. Women that raise hell for more money are usually the ones getting fake nails, fake boobs, and sitting on their lazy butts doing nothing. friends, that is where most of the child support goes. If mothers were made to list on a regular basis exactly what they spend on their child or children and be made to provide proof, I feel sure that the tables would be turned. Until then, fathers keep getting ripped off by the court system and it is very sad indeed.

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Florida local and state child support

by Tiffany

Florida local and state child support not working together.. help!!!

My 'now' husband and I had 2 children together.. 1 in April 2007 and 1 in 2010. He was living in Alabama due to his job and I was living in Florida. I was working full-time but still needed help with food.. so I received food stamps. After I did this, I believe it was in 2009 I filed for them, they forced me to file child support since I was getting state help.

By the way the father was paying for everything I needed for the children we just was not in the court system. After I filed the court made him pay some outrageous amount of money a month and tacked on tons of back child support. We finally moved in together to Alabama in September 2011 and I filed paperwork to close child support and also filed to close foodstamps.

They stopped garnishes his wages about 2 weeks after they received paperwork and the foodstamps were cut off.. I figured all was well since they stopped his payments. In November he received paper saying they will send in his arrears to credit agencies if he doesnt pay within 15 days of notice.. $17k in 15 days.. I don't think so.. they are insane.. I again called State Child support because getting a hold of local office is a joke and no one returns phone calls.

They said the case was just sitting open and they would put in a notice to have it closed again. So we got married in November 2011 and filed taxes jointly and dang child support intercepted refund ($8k). So again I called and said why wasn't my case closed..and they said case was still sitting open and will put in another notice to close.. well too late now.. they have my money and they say they could hold it up to 6 months since we filed jointly. This put us in a huge financial bind. I am traveling over to Florida from Alabama (2 hour drive) to talk face to face with local caseworker and asking them whats up!! This is ridiculous and I'm not sure if there is anything I can do.. any suggestions or am I up the creek without a paddle?!?

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