by M.D.B.

I am a mother paying child support for my 17 yr. old daughter. I have been paying it just not every month but he gets his full amount. 2009 I got hurt on the job and was unable to pay every mth. Come tax time my c.s came out of that, although it took time for him to receive it for it sat in the system in holding.

Had to appear in court in 2010 to explain my situation of why I wasn't paying. I should the D.A. the paper work where the money was at and explain why I wasn't working. I have a lawyer on my workers comp case. Here it is 2013 and received noticed that there was a warrant out for my arrest of failure to pay back in 2011. Come court date 3/8/13 the DHR lady wanted an explaination of why.

I told her that he receieved 2011 payment in August and that it was there the whole time in the system that it isn't my fault that it took that ong for him to get it. Back in 2010 when I appeared in court for this, I explained to a different dhr lady that I am in the process of litigation on my workers comp and that when my case was settled he would receive lump sum of c.s. That was explained to him by her and in agreement.

Well when I went to court yesterday there was a different woman handling the c.s. case and she started off on the wrong foot. Made a remark that the judge should place me in jail and set bail. Ok, go ahead and do so I said to myself cause he surely wasn't going to get money that way. My husband as of now has been paying the c.s. money each yr come tax since 2010, I am caught up with the c.s. money, I am not trying to keep the support money from him.

If I was it would be a larger amount than what I pay each year. Well now my husband is forced to pay a certain amount just to keep me out of jail, for I have another child from another marriage and if I go to jail for however long the judge decides then the father will take full custody of my 11 yr old and I will be stuck in jail or prison serving for him for unable to pay c.s. Needless to say I pay it every year, excuse me my husband pays it every year I am caught up on c.s. There is a holding on our taxes for the amount owed for 2012 with DHR.

There other big fish to fry on c.s.with larger amounts to be paid and yet I pay it and still DHR lady wants to throw me under the bus and do jail time. HELP. I feel for the ones who are trying to support their child(ren) whether it is a dad or mom paying it. Atleast they are trying. It may not be the full amount required but something is better that nothing. I feel my 17 yr olds dad is just money hungry. He lives beyond his lifestyle. She always comes to me for money for whatever it is she needs cause he doesn't have it but yet goes out and buys new vehicle off the lot. New boat to go fishing in. 4 wheeler etc. He has another job he works and she has pleaded with him to quit and be home when she gets home from school. He said he can't.

Like I said the c.s. money gets paid yearly. He gets his money to support her and yet instead of putting that lump sum in the bank for her for when she needs something, well he always says to her he is broke. Thank you for allowing me to vent and share my story. Not sure how this situation of mine is going to pan out, my husband has to pay$200 a mth for the next 3 mths to get the warrant lifted. She will be 18 in Dec.

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