Pennsylvania Child Support

Child support enforcement laws target all non-custodial parents who refuse to pay child support. Enforcing child support laws help prevent any dead beat parent from avoiding their obligations, and to ensure that the custodial parent receives timely payments. Pennsylvania child support enforces several actions to help control non-custodial parents (Dead Beats) who avoid their responsibilities.

Unemployment Benefits : Similar to New York State ,the child support laws will deduct any unemployment benefits from all non-custodial parents who are unemployed and behind on child support payments.

Assets : Non-custodial parents who do not pay child support could have any assets they own, seized.

Tax Refund : Tax season is the time when most American receive a tax refund check. Unfortunately, non-custodial parents who owe back child support and refuse to pay, will have their state and federal income tax refund check confiscated.

Lottery : Any non-custodial parent who owes child support could have any future lottery winnings confiscated.

Credit Bureau : Similar to

Georgia State ,Pennsylvania child support will report non-custodial parents who are behind on child support to the credit bureau.

In order to enforce child support, you must first locate the non-custodial parent. If they reside in a different state, then there are several ways to locate them. One way to locate a missing parent is to dig up any medical records. You can also locate a missing parent if they find a new job. When hired, you will be able to locate them by tracking their social security number.

Once the non-custodial parent is located, you must prove that they are the parent of the child. One way to determine if they are the rightful parent is to perform a DNA test. When testing is complete and you have the results, you will be able to determine if they truly are the parent of your child.

I believe that it is necessary to enforce child support laws in America. Without child support enforcement, most non-custodial parents would avoid their responsibilities leaving the custodial parents and the child to suffer.

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