Perri vs Perri AND Fioris (Lindh/Perri) vs. Scores

by Annemarie Perri
(Dover Plains NY)

For several years now, following a very long, drawn out and costly divorce, my ex makes over $100,000 cash from a marital landscaping business yet the court has failed to recognize this fact. I am brought into court every 4 to 6 months as he accepts nickel and dime jobs just to have my support set at a low rate while running his business illegally.

He claims not to have money but yet owns rental property, collects rental income, has numerous work vehicles and equipment, and drives a beautiful BMW, yet the court refuses to recognize this. He also collects on a bogus workers comp claim approximately 30k/year yet the courts refuse to add this also into his positive income.

I receive $157/week child support when this gentleman makes clearly over 200k/year and livs a wonderful life while I struggle frustratedly raising my two young girls on a limited income, am not entitled to food stamps, count on the church for many things because Dutchess County Family Court System allows such behavior. This has been the pattern with both my ex's for the past 21 years. It doesn't matter the support magistrate, I am exposed to both....they always rule in the wrong favor. All four of my children have gone without while both fathers have everything. My experiences in both cases has been long and frustrating and would love to have some positive help to enforce the law on both.

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by: Anonymous

If this person owns all of these properties, and has a business, then they are all matters of public record. Instead of making unsubstantiated claims here, do a bit more research on the web and find out where you can get these documents. Then go to court. If the court refuses to look at these documents, then that is what higher courts are for. You do know that you can sue the court through the state, right?

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