I have been seperated and am currently going through a divorce. I filed for Child support On August 11, 2010 and then filed for divorce in Septemeber. After the OAG's office being TOTALLY confused and loosing my paperwork I filled it all out again in November, 2010. YAY! When I call to ask for an update the Customer Support people are very RUDE and state that they are state employee's that are under staffed and overworked. Sorry that I have NO sympathy as I am also a state employee in the middle of a reccession so I am thankful I have a job. Apparently they don't like that answer.

Advance to March 30th when we have a court date that he feels he doesn't even need to show up for. The OAG lawyer swears that my kids are on Medicaid and foodstamps. I say NO they aren't and haven't ever been! To which he say to both lawyers well then y'all decide the OAG is out of it. WHAT? WHAT do you mean out of it? How can you be out of it when the JERK isnt' paying anything? REALLY? And did you NOT do yur homework prior to coming to court? Really? I get $580.00 a month plus the medical of $120.00 for a grand total of $700.00. His Lawyer asks for leneancy (Are you Kidding me? It might be different IF he had done on thing for the 7 months he has been gone.) my answer was HELL NO! So far I have not seen one dime. I have called the OAG which won't speak to me becasue I have a lawyer EVEN though my lawyer provided them the neccessary documentation to talk to me and even though I filed for child support prior to hiring a lawyer. I have wrote the "Wonderful" Greg Abbott a few times with NO RESPONSE (I will NOT vote for him again even if he IS the only republican.)

Add insult to injury my X told his 8 year old son that he would pay child support once he was forced which looks like NEVER. So from 2 children and 1 Pissed of VOTER I would like to say Thank you OAG office & Greg Abbott for failing our children. We appreciate your rude staff and your incompetent lawyers.

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