Psychotic Mother

by E T

1. I dated her for 9 months. Then we weren't dating, she showed up, and got pregnant on purpose and did not inform me she was off her birth control.

2. I started paying 125 a week immediately, but had to fight to see my son in my home. It took me almost 4 years and I had to pay ridiculous amounts to strangers and the corrupt system.

3. I have no record and have been a wonderful dad to my only child and finally got guidelines for 8 years, so I went for shared custody to see him more. ( I had paid about 100,000 up to that point.) He was 11.

4. He has now been stolen from me for the last 2 years with absolutely no evidence of me doing anything wrong to my son. It was because I wanted more time with my son, I am a man, this woman with the help of the courts have taken all of my money, and she is mentally abusing my son to lie.

5. So here I am, a great dad who is having his only child stolen from him by a sociopathic, gold-digging mother who will not let me have the father-son relationship we deserve because she is hell-bent on vindictive, evil destruction.

6. The WOMAN judge sits there and condones all of her actions. My poor brainwashed son. I am sure they will come up with another lie to put me in jail and put the finishing touches on my life.

7. The harassment will never end. I just want to see my son like a normal father, but apparently I get no credit for my decade of great fatherhood with no incidents. It would be totally different if I was born with a vagina, then I would automatically get custody for trapping and not being married.

8. These lawyers and judges are sick, and they are the true kidnappers who give kids to the mentally abusive parent because they live with them already.

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