Railroaded by "The State"

by I. Sukrd
(Roch. N.Y. Monroe Co.)

Believe it or not, i'm still being made to pay child support for a child that is now 30 years of age with 3 kids of her own.( my grandson is 14 yrs. old) I caught up with arrearages eons ago. However, it's due to what is called "accrued interest". That will never go away. at 200 dollars a month, it's a winfall for the state. The alcoholic drug attict receiving the money is also an unemployed S.S.I. recipient. That's $10,400 a year that N.Y.S., and the Fed. does'nt have to fork over. "In the best interest of the child" eh? The Child Support Enforcement farce being perpetrated by the state is a racket to benefit these idiots in Albany. It's designed to extort as much as they can while masquerading as a benevolent institution to right the wrongs of deadbeats. I have never been a "deadbeat"! As a matter of fact, I was forced into paying till the "child to wit" was 21. She was actually kicked out of the house by the drunkard mom at 16. I went to try to get her emancipated, and all I got was a magistrate that would not hear of it. The childs affidavit attesting to this was inadmissable! You fall behind through no fault of your own and the first thing they take is your liscense to drive. That's another angle for extortion. Suspensions by the DMV and CSEU can cost upwards of $500. It goes to the state, not the child. The laws that Congress drafted to give the state this obscene amount of leverage are archaic and at best criminal. What they take is 4 times more than what would have been spent if they would only have given custody to the working parent. But it seems as though in N.Y.S. it's 100% O.K. for a woman to kill the kid by just simply ripping out of her woumb if she does'nt want the inconvenience or responsibility of motherhood. Men just simply have to pay. One way or the other. The N.Y.S. CSEU is a freight train going down hill without any controls or checks. If you don't stay on top of your case, they won't monitor or update your status until you start to bother them continuously. I feel like i'm being forced to pay alimony to this useless government dependant element when it wasn't even allowed in the devorce settelment. My tax returns have been offset to satisfy this "debt". She gets a new car and I have to walk to work. The "child to wit" doesn't get a "red cent" of it. She and the kids have gone hungry somtimes while child support enables the so called "victim", her mother, to drown in beer and choke on "crack" cocaine
! The nature of this system has struck fear into the hearts of your elected officials in Washington. It was masterminded by a man hating "feminazi", and your representatives, MALE or female won't go near it much less take a moment to examine it's inquities. Even lawyers have told me they won't handle it in court, for it is a losing battle. I suggest becoming a ward of the state. Fake "crasy"(if CSEU hasn't made you that already) and get in on some of the racketeering too.

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