Rip off Mother

by Jeffery H
(Rochester NY)

I have been deprived of the most precious years of my two boys life. My youngest is now 14 and the oldest is 20. I had visitation rights but the mother would not honor the court order. I would file a violation and still after court was over, mother would not honor the order. Then she got wise. She would move. I would try to get yet another court date but could not because I needed to have a valid address of where she was living. I would eventually after almost a year, figure out the address and file the papers only to have her move again without telling me because she did not want me to see my kids. This past year alone she has moved 6 times. I live 2 counties away and has become very expensive traveling all over to figure out where she lives. Last year, the ex had her boyfriend’s kids staying with her for the summer, 3 kids of his, one of her own, and her and boyfriend all in a 2 bedroom trailer. My youngest son stayed at a friend’s house. Welfare petitioned me to court for $5000 back child support. I subpoenaed everyone that knew my youngest son was living with a friend. The bad part was when I was in Court in Niagara County, the ex and the friend were in the same waiting area and after the ex came out of the Court, my son came in and testified. While he was testifying, the ex coached the friend what to say and now I am paying Welfare $5000 back support because the ex was collecting welfare for my son that did not live with her just for the money. I am irate that when I turned her in for this, she got away with it at my expense AGAIN.

Now just last weekend, I did have visitation and she was to meet me halfway to pick him up after the visit and what she did instead is told me she cant and doesn’t want him home. She sent me an email giving me temporary custody until court on the 25th of this month. That’s all well and good but now a bunch happens. 1) I am having 432 deducted every month from my pay as a result of her lies. 2) My taxes are being kept. 3) I am getting laid off on the 26th of this month. 4) She doesn’t work so wont be able to help with child support.

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now its your turn
by: Amy H

If you have the son in custody GET A LAWYER NOW!
No matter what the cost, you will save money in the end otherwise you will be paying support and keeping your son too.She will have to forfeit any back support too.If you really want to see your son like you said, then get custody and you can collect welfare or whatever it takes to keep him.
Stop making excuses and take charge of the situation or you will be paying your X for years to come and she will make you miserable.You can do this if it is what you really want.Get help from family,friends or welfare, ANYTHING.

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