Screwed by Judge

by David
(Palatine, Il )

I was never married but I seperated when my daughter was 1 1/2 I was seeing her 3 days a week and paying $150 bi-weekly by check as I was only making 12$/ hr at the time a year later I was married and everything went south from there my X filed for child support kept my daughter from me for 2 months till the court date first judge was ok i was up to about 16$/hr so she ordered me to pay 20% it was about 216$ bi-weekly with 34$ in past due for the 2 months (first ass kick I took i was paying her but not enough according to the "law") but she also dropped me from seeing her to every other monday and every other weekend so at the first court date I went form seeing my daughter 12 times a month and paying 300$ to seeing her 6 times a month and paying $500 a month, thank you justice system.

Then as we she is about to sign the order my X brings up day care she says she pays $440 a month for day care and she needs help (first thought was you greedy bitch how is it you are paying $440 a month the judge just ordered me to pay $500 a month that pays the whole day care with an extra $60 for what ever I know $60 is not a lot but why is it that a man and a woman have a baby and automatically the man has a neck on his rope just waiting to get pushed over) so the judge orders me to pay $100 a month extra towards daycare and we there will be a 6 month review to decide on permanent daycare expenses.

Now 6 months later rolls around I just started another job $22/hr I go in expecting to pay more due to the 20% law but taking the daycare expenses off also but there is a different judge now. When the original order was made in March they did not start withholding until may not my fault then I got the new job gave the state my new info but it took them 2 more months to start with holding so now because this system takes so long I am 4 months behind schedule So the new judge comes in bumps up the 20% no im paying $316 bi-weekly plus 34$ from the delinquent months and for 350$ bi-weekly $700 a month ok but he decides to throw in half of day care just because he's in a shitty mood for a grand total of $460 x2 $940 a month mind you I take home $2900 a month after taxes shes getting more than 30% of my check and we were never married with 1 kid but heres the worst part for the last 3 months I get random withholding orders to catch up on the delinquent ranging form an extra 40-90$ bi-weekly until i am caught up on the phantom delinquency of $3900 and now its tax season my return was suppose to be $5500 oh wait here comes the law to fuck me even harder now she gets a nice 2500$ on top of whatever she got on her taxes thanks america if i had known you get dicked around for having a dick i would have commited scuicide when i was in the womb.

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