by Courtnay Mauk
(Cass County Nebraska USA)

I live in Nebraska and my X boyfriend owes $16,552.86 in child support over the past 4 years on two children. A week ago Friday (on 11-4-2011) I was trying to obtain answers from Child Support Enforcement because we had court the following Monday. They were preseuing a show cause contempt on my X finally, since he had gotten $3,000 behind after sitting out a 30 day purge. Anyways I had been put on hold for 45min., lost in a hole bunch of transfers, hung up on "by accident", ignored with hopes I would go away, BUT I was bound and determined to get an answer. SOO, I went to the gurage and started making signs. They stated "Cass County NEEDS to adopt Douglas County Child Support Laws, Non-payment of Child Support SHOULD be considered the same as NEGLECT, Harsher Child Support laws = more payments." Then I took it a step further and posted "Mr. D. Good owes over $16,000 in support to our kids, Trinity Good owes (changeable amount sign) in child support."

I hopes that maybe just maybe the Attorney in Cass County that 'enforces child support' would get a clue and answer me. Well dispite my 1st Ammendment right I had to take down the two signs with my X's name on them because someone brought it to my attention it may violate the parenting plan. So I took those two down. Eventhough I did my X filed a hurassment order asking the court to stop me from posting sings in my yard on this matter period.

Well Monday we go in front of the Judge to address the issue, and hopefully my personal and political views will be able to stay posted. In the mean time my X still gets his visitation and prances around like he just robbed a bank cause his last payment was $1.00 in April this year. I am SURE F'n glad my tax dollars are paying for nothing!

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Jan 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

I dont really think it is that county I think it is the WHOLE east texas area!! My ex Bob Haworth is a BULLY and has gotten away with it for 25 years with his first ex wife! And now the laws are not protecting me or my child! He only wants her when it is "good" for him! She won a great honor, was he there? NOPE he was in the deer woods hunting. or when she had her surgery was he there NOPE but my husband and I were! I think in this area it is the "good ol boys" club and it will never change until elected officials are put in place to stop this abuse of the legal system!

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