by Sue

My experience in trying to collect child support has been unbelievable! I have had 4 different case workers in 8 years. He has lived in Nv. original divorce state, Az., Utah, and now back to Nv. In 8 years, he has been fully licensed, and has enjoyed prosperity, especially in Az. He owned Keenco Construction while living there. He bought land, developed it and sold it for several hundred of thousands of dollars. Lived in beautiful house, drove fancy trucks and had no worries.

All this time, I was working two jobs to keep food, clothes and roof over "our" son's heads. To date, I have not been able to collect any support. The support enforcement sends him letters, he writes "not at this address" on the envelope and they call and ask me for a more current address. They contact Keenco Construction with wage garnishment and they say he no longer works for them, they call me and ask me to find out where he is now working. In 8 years, he has never been served one paper. According to all four support enforcement agencies, they can't pull any of his licenses until they serve him telling them they are going to pull them, they can't put out a warrant for contempt, because they can't serve him to notify him he is in contempt...Really?

The fact that he is ordered to pay support through their office and they are not getting any payments should be proof enough don't you think that he is in contempt? So now, because a kind judge took mercy on him 8 years ago and reduced my original support order, I have never been able to have my support adjusted...why? Because they of course can't serve him to tell him I want an adjustment. His arrears are now in excess of $50,000, far over the limit set by the Federal Deadbeat Parent Act for them to get involved. He has hidden asset's, continues to hide asset's, crosses state lines to avoid paying support, keeps all vehicles in someone else name, works a full construction business, that of course is "incorporated" so they can't get him there either.

I would just like to have one person explain to me, why we have laws in place in every state as well as the Federal level, that no one has any intention of ever enforcing? It just amazes me. And like most other single mom's, I was never able to afford an attorney, but some how this poor unemployed struggling man, was able to cover attorney fee's through out the entire divorce process....and then everyone sits around and wonders what wrong with the kids today...well how about they have no mother, because she now has to take on the full financial responsibility even if it means two full time jobs, no father, because, well he needs to take care of his "new" wife and his they basically are raising themselves. If anyone has had more success than me in any of these areas, please let me know who you talked to, hired, beat up, what ever, my statues are now close to running out and I am still getting the run around from all of these agencies, including now the federal prosecutors office!

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