Sob story from a good father

by Eddie

I pay child support for three of my sons. I have three other children who I am trying to support and raise. I have had two previese marragies. Sounds bad I know. But my ex-wives couldn't remain faithful and always brought their parents into our business.

My one son has nothing to do with me at all. I have tried to go visit him and spend time with him but he wants nothing to do with me. I pay child support for him while his step-father sits at home and does not work. I feel I am paying for his step dad and not my son. My other two sons I pa child support for their mother took them clear to Alaska. I never get to see them. I don;t even get to talk to them and when I do send letters I'm not sure they even get them.

I have tried to make arrangments with their mother so I could have a relationship with my boys but she just likes to play games.She tells me I can see them but I have to go to Alaska. I cant afford a plane ticket let alone the hotel to stay in and transpertation. I pay Child support every two weeks for all 3 boys. Plus trying to support my other 3 kids. Sometimes I don't even get a check. I have asked their mother to come down here cause she has family down where I live. She comes down and says she will bring our sons but she never brings them.

She got involved with another man got preagnant and he left her. I feel that I support not only my sons but her other child to. She works for the military and makes plenty of cash. She recently told me that she no longer needs my money for our boys and that I was worthless. I bust my butt trying to support all my kids. I love them all. I work very hard to keep money for everyone. But I never get to see them or hear from them. Their mother holds them over my head as if they were a string and I am a cat. She toys with me and my emotions.

When it's all said and done she crushes me. the last time I saw my sons Was when they were 2 and 3. She moved out and for 3 months I had no idea where she went. I asked everyone we knew but no one would talk. One day she finally called and said they were in Alaska. She now tries to contact my family and turn them against me. It has emotionally taken a toll on my family and myself as well as finacialy. Sure I'v thought about disappearing but I brought my kids into this world and I have taken my responsibilities as a father and I pay my child support. I countinue to work everyday endless hours just so I can be a good father and not a dead beat dad. Its hard especially when my current wife has been sick and unabel to work.

Since October she came down with The swine flu and influenza a at the same time . 2 weeks later was rushed to the E.R. from work and she found out that she had been 2 months preagnat lost our child and had emergincey surgery. About a week after that had a sever infectiong in her jaw and walking phemoinua. My 2 yr old son also had the swine flu. Both my kids have had the common flu and cold on and off. My wife and son both have asthma and very week immune systems if any at all. My wife has no insurance. SO you can imagine our bills for medicane and hospital plus child support and regular bills.

We can hardley but food on the tabel but we can't get help from the state. They say we make to much. This is my sob story if you will.

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