Son adopted without my consent and still paying??

by Kurt

3-4 Years ago. I had received a letter in the mail regarding adoption proceedings for my son. I emphatically objected and heard nothing more about it. 4-5 months ago I figured I'd better follow up on it so called the ex-wife only to have her inform me "Oh..The adoption was final years ago". Well...I have been paying child support every month making double payments to catch up on my arrears and it accrues monthly....I'm not just paying my arrears I'm paying the current month as well!!? It accrues each month!! Child support offices will not help me. They say.."Prove it". I'm told I need a copy of my sons birth certificate to obtain the adoption papers..Well..I am not entitled to a birth certificate as the Birth certificate has been amended and I'm no longer on it. So...not only was my son adopted fraudulently but my ex wife is still receiving my monthly child support payments. I've gone way up the ladder at the Depts. Justice in Oregon only to be told in so many words "Your screwed. Get a lawyer". Why won't child support take 2 minutes and look into it!!?? Anyways...I'm hiring a lawyer and going to get this straightened out I hope. It could have been so easy if my Ex would just inform child support but. She won't so. Now it'll probably get ugly being as they did the adoption fraudulently. But. I still ask. Why?? How??

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