State of Arkansas Letting Father Lie

I am a mother who allowed her son to move with his father from Texas to Arkansas. We both have joint custody still. When the move took place, I made a voluntary committment of monthly child support to help with expenses. In the order from Texas, I was to pay the father directly. I did this. I recently lost my job and became one month late on my "voluntary" obligation and the State of Arkansas allowed my ex husband to report that I had NEVER paid him. Now the state of Arkansas says that even if I could provide the money order reciepts I paid directly to him (per the Texas order) they could not say for sure that it was not a "gift". This is all BS!!! The state will however allow me to "modify" my amount because of a job change, so the joke is on my ex. According to state law, he will get less than half of what I was struggling to send. I don't live in Arkansas and just have to know: Is the CS Enforcement Agency a joke? or what?

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It's not just where you are
by: Anonymous

There are lies like this being accepted all over the place. I'm in Nevada, and my ex was able to lie and put me $3000 behind on child support while I still had custody of the children and he was supposed to be paying me. To make matters worse, I make most of my money online, and he has his wife follow me around the internet attemping to sabotage my income so that it will put me even further behind. The judges don't pay attention or care. The DA has taken away my ability to get a passport, my driver's license, and any ability to get any kind of professional license, and I'm a step away from having a warrant out for my arrest, all because he lied and I'm not allowed due process since it's "for the children."

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