State Of MD Done Lost Their Mind

by kenneth basden

Back on April 18th 1990, I had returned home from the U.S. Army after not seeing my suppossed faithful wife for almost 8 months, of course we had sex like a couple of horney jack rabbits from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 a.m. My wife got up out the bed on the 19th around 7:30 a.m. and vomited in the latrine next to the bedroom. On June 8th 1990, my wife went to Greater Baltimore Medical Center and did not want me to go with her?????? When se returned home she had an official G.B.M.C. letter that stated"congratulations! you are 15 weeks(give or take a week) pregnate", along with a prescription info, the doctors name and phone number.

I had immediately called the doctors office right away and asked if there was a mistake made to which I was informed no possible way were they incorrect. For those of you who are not math wizzards here we go, I was discharged (honorably)from the military on the 16th of April, after a 2 day bus ride from Fort Polk Louisianna to Baltimore Maryland, on the 18th- June 8th that vindictive, Lying,B**ch, comes home with this paper claiming 15 weeks!!!!!!!! I was home only 7.5 weeks??? Where did the other 7.5 weeks come from????? any way, after the divorce went through, and I was free to do what another SANE man would never do(yes I was Stupid and re-married) I was in front of this Man hating ASSHOLE they actually call a judge whom didn't want to hear the truth much less know the truth. Whom used antiqaited Md. laws to pin this child on me. Back in the early 1990's D.N.A. was not availible to the general public.

After fighting with Broom Hilda for child support someone gave her the idea that I just might want joint custody of this child(FAT CHANCE)but she got scared of that possibility and packed up and left the U.S. to live with her brother in Italy, while they were still taking child support payments out of my pay. All of a sudden no payments to what I thought was the truth finally showed up. So from 1991 until 2003 I was living A.O.K. until (IT arrived) and child support and I were battling again with me being thirty(30,000)thousand dollars in the arrears to child support, this supposed child of mine was 13 years old and her mother refused to allow a D.N.A. test.

You can only imagine the horror, for which I am made to suffer and still going through now. I will soon be turning 48 years old, the child of mine(So called) is now over 21 years old, Baltimore City child support has suspended my commercial drivers license class B to which Im now unemployed freeloading off my big brother and after the 10th of April facing jail time for non compliance of the court order child support to which the city wants $1,500 dollars I'M UNEMPLOYED! where am I suppossed to get that from with a suspended drivers license? I thought that if this LICENSE was the only means of income then why would B.C.O.C.S.E. cut off it's own nose to spite it's face? Since this ongoing raging battle, I have lost 2 homes 5 vehicles, three major driving jobs, I can't never cross the border of canada or mexico,again nor ever leave the confines of the U.S., my credit rating is shot to hell, I have NO MONEY whatsoever and once again facing jail time. If anyone can help me please do!!!!!!

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Get a court to order a DNA test.

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