State of Ohio is in it for the money

by Richard

I am a divorced father of four currently stationed overseas with the military. My ex and I were seperated for about a year before finally getting divorced. The entire process between us was amicable. We just wanted to go our separate ways. I love my children and wanted to / still want to take care of them. During the separation and divorce I had an allotment set up thru the military that went straight into her bank account for about 60% of my pay (over the required amount). During the divorce process things started getting ugly. Not between me and my ex, but between us and the State of Ohio.

Apparently a signed, witnessed and notarized document outlining support intentions, proof of past payment history (copies of my Leave and Earnings statement plus my ex's bank statements) and both my ex and myself petitioning the court to keep everything going the way it was was not good enough to keep the State of Ohio from doing what's right: Namely, setting an amount and then insisting that it had to be processed and paid through the CSEA. While this may not seem like much of a problem to you, the issue I have is with the 2% "processing fee" that the state charges for this "service." Not a single fee or a flat rate, a percentage of the payment. This is now a revenue scheme for the State.

The same employee processes a payment from someone for $300/mo and my payment for $3000/mo. But the state gets a bigger "cut" from my payment. Since the divorce court judges are employees of the state, it's small wonder that they first hit you for every dollar they can get from you (to include special pays and/or benefits that are supposed to be exempt from withholding) and then insist that you have to pay thru the state, whether you or your ex want to or not. To make matters worse, the Federal gov't has a cap on what can be garnished from a wage.

If the support amount blows that cap, too bad. The state can't pull it because of Federal Law, but they insist you have to pay it anyway. And you have to pay it thru 2%. Do it direct and you end up in arrears. Regardless of what proof you have (to include your ex going back into court and giving them the proof). And then they go for your taxes. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Spousal Support also goes thru the Child Support Enforcement Agency?.... plus 2%. And before you start, any of you that think they're doing this "for the kids" seriously need to seek psychiatric counseling.

The government is a bureaucracy. They don't care about you, me, or the kids. There's no emotion, no feeling, just drones who are trained to put round pegs into round holes, regardless of all the sweet words or good sounding intentions they lay on top of it. If they did care, then they'd hound the hell out of my ex to see how she was spending the money. But they don't. They only care about their 2%. And you'd better give it to them. Unfortunately, I can't find a lawyer with a pair of brass ones big enough to represent me against the state in a criminal trial.

Charges: Slander, mis-representation, failure of due-process, money-laundering, racketeering and grand theft. Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 and RICO are the two basis. Anyone wanna have some fun?

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