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How can I begin with this?
My husband and I met March 2008 and married in April 2009. I did not meet my step-son till December 2008 as my husband was protecting his son. His son and I hit it off. I end up meeting his ex-wife (mother of my step-son) and problems began since. Make this story short - she can't stand me - wants my husband back after cheating on him 7x and now that he is happy and finally moved on with his life, she has made it a plan to make our lives a living hell and using their son to her advantage.

She has placed, order of protection against my husband (which was dropped) because she had no proff and she LIED! When she filed for divorce in July 2005, they were still together and she was told him she would not go thru with the divorce - but she did. So on the decree - she ordered $1,200 in spousal alimony, $450 in child support, SOLE CUSTODY for her and allowing him to see their son on Saturdays/Sundays from 12-3pm ONLY!
Since he did not show up in court (because in his mind and from her, she told him, she had dropped the case) and lets not forget that they were still back together - she was granted EVERYTHING she put on the decree. Well now, it has come and bite him, and because she cannot move on with her life, she is making it very difficult for him to even see their son on weekends. She took him back to court for more child support money and he responded w/more parenting time (which is still pending court hearing in Oct) but Child Support did go up to $750 since he only sees him 6hrs a week!

I started a GREAT job in July and placed my whole family under my insurance. My husband cancelled his since his insurance is crappy and mine offers better coverage...etc.... She threw a fit and REFUSES to use my insurance because it's ME - so now she went and placed him on Public Assistance-Acchess.

So now, we are unsure on the court will see this. We didn't do it with bad intenstions...just better coverage...

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Insurance Coverage
by: Anonymous

It doesn't matter who provides the insurance coverage whether it is either of you as long as the kids are covered. Make sure you have and can show proof as of when coverage started, and when everything comes back around and they try and force you to pay more and provide medical, provide them (the court and custodial parent) their own copy (in front of the judge) of their insurance card. Any extra costs incurred by the mom for placing the kids on ACCHS will not be put on her. ACCHS is for free or low cost health insurance, it will be as if she purchased her own medical insurance and have to pay the premium herself.

I had a similar issue with my ex-wife in Calfornia. We both were court ordered to provide medical insurance, but because my insurance isbetter they allowed her to drop her insurance. Fun :)

summing it up, i wouldn't worry about it. Better coverage and kid is still covered regardless you are all set.

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