My husband has custody of his 17 yr old son. He has had him for 11 years and during that time his ex wife has rarely paid any child support. When his children were younger, (there were 3 others who are now grown) he didn't pursue it because he didn't want to upset the children with a big fight over support. But now there is only the 17 yr old left. His ex owes $9400 in back payments to this boy. He has considered finally going after her for payments, but she is currently applying for Social Security income due to (she claims) disablities which prevent her from working. Turns out that in Ohio, if you are applying for SSI you can't be made responsible for Child support! Does this seem fair? Has anyone else heard of this? She really wants custody of my stepson, but we suspect its only to get support payments from my husband. How old does my stepson have to be before he is too old to require payment if she does manage to get custody?

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by: amanda

I see it as this...he is 17....he will be 18 in no time... do you really need that money?? is it going to go straight to the child? Is that 9,000 going to pay for a car for the 17 year old? Maybe not?
Just get over it. A 17 year old doesnt really need support money from the other parent. Save yourself the stress and just leave it. It is not worth it. I know it sux but Just save yourself from the stress and hatred

when people fight for "owed" money when the child is almost an adult, that to me seems like they are only in it for the money and not the child/adult.
If you made it 5 years without the dead beats money then I think you will be fine.

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