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The Office of the Texas Attorney General is the official child support enforcement agency for the state of Texas.

This Office provides child support assistance services to parents who wish to obtain or provide support for their children. The Texas Attorney's Office can help locate a non-custodial parent, establish paternity, establish and enforce child support and medical support orders, review and modify existing child support orders, and collect and disburse child support payments.

Applying For Child Support Services
1.Who Qualifies For Services?
The Office of the Texas Attorney General offers child support services to any parent or guardian who applies for these services. However, applicants do not have the right to decide what enforcement actions will be used to ensure compliance in their case. The Office of the Texas Attorney General is mandated to provide all available services that are necessary for the benefit of the children.

Families who are currently receiving either federal or state assistance will automatically receive child support services from the Office of the Texas Attorney General. Families who do not receive public assistance can still apply for child support services. The Office of the Texas Attorney General does not charge a fee to apply for child support services.

2. Where Do I Apply For Services?
To apply for services, contact your local child support field office. You can check the address listings for these offices at: Texas Attorney General Offices. You can also call 1-800-252-8014 to receive an application by mail. An applicant who is deaf or hard of hearing can call the Deaf Outreach Program at TDD (512) 460-6417 or (512) 460-6399 voice.

3. What Services Are Available?
The Office of the Texas Attorney General can also help locate absent parents, establish paternity, enforce and modify child and medical support orders; and collect and distribute child support monies.

You can also apply to utilize the Attorney General’s locate-only services to request help in locating a parent without requesting full child support services. Locate-only services are only available to parents who are trying to establish a court order for paternity, child support, or medical support; collect court-ordered support; or enforce custody or visitation. The State’s Parent Locator Service can help a parent obtain the latest available address and employment information about the missing parent from state and federal records. However, this office is not allowed to investigate any information that is obtained, and they do not guarantee that the missing parent will be found.

4. What Documents Do I Need To Apply For Services?
When applying for services from the Office of the Texas Attorney General, you should obtain and submit as many of the following documents as possible.

a. A copy of your divorce decree, separation agreement or court order for child support.
b. A copy of the acknowledgment of paternity, if one has been signed.
c. The child(ren)’s birth certificate(s).
d. Financial documents, such as paycheck stubs, tax returns, and bank statements, for both parents.
e. A record of previous child support payments.

Changing A Child Support Order
A court order for child support can only be modified through the Texas court system. Even if the two parents agree on another arrangement, they must have this approved by the court. A review of the child support order can be requested by either parent every three years, or whenever there is a substantial change in the financial or custodial circumstances of those affected by the order. Qualifying circumstances might include the loss of a job or a change in the custody of the child. These changes must result in a difference in monthly payment of either 20 percent or $100 from the child support guidelines. Parents can request a review of their child support order by contacting the Office of the Attorney General.

Paying For Child Support
Parents who owe child support can make their payments via several different methods. You can pay by phone, on-line, or via Western Union. You can also mail in your check or money order to the address listed below.

Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit (TxCSDU)
P.O. Box 659791
San Antonio, TX 78265-9791

Enforcing A Child Support Order
The Texas Attorney General Child Support Division can use several methods to enforce child support orders when a non-custodial parent does not pay child support. These methods include requiring employers to automatically deduct court-ordered child support from the non-custodial parent's paycheck; intercepting federal income tax refund checks, or lottery winnings; filing liens against his or her property or other assets; suspending driver’s, professional, and recreational licenses; and filing a lawsuit against the non-custodial parent to request the court to enforce its order.

Private Child Support Collection Agencies
In the state of Texas, county-operated domestic relations or child support offices, private attorneys, and private collection agencies may also offer some child support enforcement services. These agencies usually have a smaller caseload than that of the state’s Child Support Division. Therefore, it is possible that your case may be processed more quickly through one of these organizations. However, these private collection agencies usually charge a fee for their services. Be sure that you read and understand any contract that you are asked to sign.

Texas Child Support Laws
Title IV-D of the Social Security Act of 1975 mandated and designated by the State of Texas, establishes that the Texas Attorney General’s Office is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of child support. The Office of the Attorney General therefore represents the interests of the state of Texas and cannot represent individual interests in a specific child support case.Trouble Collecting Your Child Support? Let Us Help!

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