Texas child support is BS

I was 16 years old when a 19 year old female became infatuated with me. I was young and stupid and she was pregnant within a month. She got a free ride living with my family while she was pregnant and had our daughter and I worked 2 jobs and put myself through a 2 year college.

Things went down hill and so she wanted to have another child 8 years later to make the relationship better. It got worse and at 6 months pregnant I left her. She kept my children from me and wouldn't let me see them.

I hired a lawyer and had to get a divorce when I never even married this bi-polar woman. Did I mention she is bi-polar?
She took me to court and I was awarded visitation and to pay child support. Not long after that I was robbed, got in a car accident and lost my job. Did I mention it happened within the same day? That wasn't enough for her. When I couldn't pay child support because I had no job she took me to court again to try and take away my visitation rights.

I borrowed money I still haven't been able to pay back for a lawyer which was a waste of time and the money I borrowed.
I started working for myself and made a whole months salary in a years time while still looking for a job in the construction business which went down the drain. She took me to court again because I was 4 months behind on child support.

Here is where I lost my faith in humanity, the government and the legal system...

After seeing my tax returns for 2 years and less then minimum wage earnings they increased my child support PLUS added back child support and I have to pay for her medical insurance every month. $700 per month plus interest when I am late. Now I am behind once again because I barely bring home $700 mo. after paying for gas and food. I send her as much money as I can when I get paid which is once or twice a month.
I can't control the economy or the job market. Now she is threatening to send me to jail.
She keeps sending me medical bills and I can't even find out what her deductible is or what her co-pay is for my two children. I have called her insurance & the Attorney General and neither of them can give me that info. She won't give it to me either. How do I know if she is collecting the money for the medical bills from me and also the insurance company at the same time?

What kind of justice system is this? She is a crazy person who is hateful, spiteful, vendictive, and miserable. And did I mention now she claims to be a lesbian. Oh, and so does my daughter because mom thinks it is cool.

Un-fricken-believable. Where is the justice in this???

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Its not my kid Im not paying.
by: frustrated

I am very upset with the system, my husband has a son and he pays his child support but now that he changed jobs and he missed a payment they came after me, sorry but that kid didn't come out of me so im not paying for it. I have 2 kids from my x-husband and never got a penny, I knew if I opened my legs I was going to have take care of them financialy and physicaly and I did, so all you women out there get off that couch and get a job stop depending on these men couse you are just as responsible for these kids. So its time to change the laws, I dont think the spouse should have to pay, they arent are kids. One more thing if you think all the money you are paying to child support is going to your kid/kids well its not its distributed to the kids that the parents dont pay, you only get 20% of it, dont you think you would get more if you got a job and were able to give your kids the whole 100%.Remember if you make them time to woman up and take care of them!

Child support
by: goddessoflubbock

Why would you have 2 children with someone you know to be mentally ill? The first child, ok but by the second one you knew what you were doing.

You owe your arrears and must pay on those. You may need to work two jobs.

As for the health insurance, you are responsible fir carrying it and typically for half the out of pocket. Since you carry the insurance you have access to what copays should be, etc. The other parent should provide you bills to pay your portion from.

Child support and visitation are not connected at all so go to court and demand access to your kids.

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