Texas FAMILY LAWS are as bad as thier "FAMILY VALUES"....

by mowgli4peace

I'm an an American born citizen, of Asian Indian origin. Raised in South-Asia, reverted to birth land United States (But globally known as Divided States of Family Values & Parenthood), at the age of 22. Despite being a Muslim, I was heavily in Progressive Hard-Rock & 80's New-Wave music.

As a blessing in disguise (some may call me 'weirdo'), I never even tried alcoholic/tobacco products, much less hardcore stuffs. Never been to adult clubs...and was 100% pure (read VIRGIN) until I married a then-decent American Caucacian. Yeah, she's my first girlfriend/wife. When I met her, not only I fell in love with her, but also, felt sad for her ex-husband would'nt let her see her minor son. From her (& her 'some' dysfunctional fam members), I heard many bad rumours against that ex-husband of her, which "NOW" I find it hard to believe anymore.

Towards the end of our SIX years relationship, she started dis-respecting me by going out to strangers (taking our only daughter of 4), and then coming home late..DRUNK. I was kinda 'slow' in learning on what's goin' on ? Soon afterwards, I wrote a note to her asking where we heading, and if she's having an affair? But I find it difficult to hand over the note, FEARING what if she is NOT having an affair..then I would HURT her feelings, by false accusation. During our relationship, she rarely took a job. But towards the end, she took a job at a truckstop..and moved in with her mother, who was living close-by. So, every other day I went to visit her and my daughter.

Finding me in such difficult situation, I planned to use the coming Tax Refund Money to pay down for a second car (as I have handed over my car-title to her as a gift, sigh)..and find ourselves a new house to live (as soon my current lease expires). Then it happened...I saw her with a cocky redneck truck-driver. Next day, sitting against her...and third day they were hugging each-other..in front of my child. DO YOU READERS FEEL MY PAIN ???? That day was December 18,2004..I'LL NEVER FORGET, NOR FORGIVE. She gave it out to me that WE ARE NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE. Yeah, and just days ago I bought her a pair of Expensive MUDD Sweaters, 18K Genuine Pearl Jewellery Set (with matching semi-precious faux-pearl strand band wrist-watch. Also, hard to find.. a pair of "Picture-Find" puzzle books. Readers can guess how my following days went...CHRISTMAS DAY, MY BIRTHDAY, NEW-YEARS DAY. The only birthday/holiday greetings I got was a ad-mail.

NO SHOULDER TO CRY ON. As the days were going by, my ex started acting STRANGE..like accusing me falsely, from minor to major issues involving my loving 'own' child. She would'nt ALLOW me to be with my child, much less taking her out to places, my daughter enjoyed. Then after an incident, she kidnapped my child and WENT INTO HIDING, IN AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION. I did'nt feel like filing criminal case, as my child would be in loss of care, if her mother goes to jail. Soon enough, my ex and her "SANCHO" lover, put my daughter to her very-first school (AND IN MY ABSENCE. I SWEAR, I was planning for some years that on that particular day of my first child, I would blow a kiss on his/her forehead..and pray for her new journey..that dream of mine, went down the drain).

My ex plotted this, so that it would be favorable in getting my child's custody..SO SICK, SHAME. Anyway, the Govt funded Judge, the money-hungry Opponent Lawyers(I was broke & pro-se), cheating ex-wife and her marriage breaker Sancho gave her the custody. AND I became a new "VISITOR", TO MY CHILD. Not TWO DAYS/TWO WEEKS.....BUT, NINE HOURS/TWO WEEKS. And travelling 300+ miles(both-way) thru small towns (driving at slow speeds), basically, to say my daughter HELLO-GOODBYE. That is 2.87% of my child time with me, for 20% of my "ODD-JOB" Income, PLUS her Medical Insurance...MINUS my TAX REFUND, CHILD TAX-CREDIT....MINUS "FATHERHOOD". You fellow AMERICANS call it JUSTICE ? This is what you want to SPREAD around the world, crying DEMOCRACY ? Well, just to assure you, JESUS DID NOT DIE FOR THESE SINS. NAIL MY HANDS & FEET, BUT LET ME BE BY MY CHILD. Child Support is just an OBLIGATION, but what about the DEDICATION ?

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