The Attorney General office is interfering with my parental rights!

by Akilah Parks
(Sacramento, Ca USA)

The father of my son has been hiding him from me for the past five years. I am the biological mother and he refuses to provide an address, phone number, or any visitation schedule. Me and my family have gone broke paying for a lawyer and private investigator.

Now he wants back child support when he is refusing me visitation or any contact with the child. I tried to explain to the child support officer that i want to reimburse the state for any monies incurred from my son being on the state medical and food stamps programs. However, I told him i was very uncomfortable paying money to a man who is actively hiding my son from me. The father has removed him school, when I go and visit, and has even brought in someone to help him.

He has remarried and this women is helping him hide my son in a different school district. She disenrolled him from the elementary that I, and the father, enrolled him in. She places him in a new school telling them that she is the boys mother and that I am the deranged woman attempting to kidnap the child. This is not a case of child or spousal abuse and their are no drugs in either homes. We seperated because of religion and I left him because he didn't want me to earn my own money or complete college.
I attempted to represent myself in court and file my own paperwork but its like I'm a nobody to the courts. They lost my paperwork but remembered to cash the check for fees and left me in a lurch with Child Support court.

This man disappeared with my son and left me an email address. Which he has since cut off because I refuse to pay him $10k in child support.
He told me if i paid him the money then i can have one visit with my son. Everytime I offered him money in the past he refused saying he didn't want me to have the address and that he wanted $1k per month or nothing.

His apartment is in his wife's name and sometimes under his sister and he is constantly changing phones. He has gone to child support to request the $10k in back child support plus future child support payments. I don't want to pay a man who is actively alienating me from my child! My son does know my name or where i live but i keep emailing my contact information in hopes, that my son will contact me.

He is only ten but maybe he'll sneak and call me.
The Attorney General sent me a letter today saying i need to be in court on the 22nd to assess child support. I have requested that The 255th Family Court provide me with a lawyer because Free Legal Services cannot help me and i have no money to pay a retainer. I have received no confirmation of my request. I was going to call the child support officer to see if my request had been filed but, I realized he was using the information i willingly gave him against me. He didn't care. I have all my reciepts of travel, my sons school records, and hostile emails sent to me by the new wife. I don't know what else to do because i can't make him accept money from me or give me an address. I also can not force him to call or write me to tell me how my son is doing or even let the child contact me.

My only hope is a strong lawyer who will protect my parental rights. The Attorney General was able to get their paperwork filed fast. Me? I'm still waiting on the District Clerk to confirm that my motions have been filed. I call every two days to inquire but the receptionist looks around her office for about forty minutes and even goes upstairs to check but eventually comes back to tell me that paperwork is pretty backed up on their desks. That it is probably somewhere in the piles of mail and that when she finds them she can call me back. She never does.

I honestly thought the Child Support officer would stop procedings once he realized that I, the biological mother, had been alienated from my child. He told me the law does not recognize alienation and that no such law exists. When i told him i was unwilling to give money to a person who actively absconding with my child he replied,"Are you saying you don't want to support your child?" He was incredibly loud over the phone and I attempted to keep a professional voice with him but i eventually began to cry. I didn't understand why he couldn't help me find my son? He even led me to believe that my sons address would be in the letter he would send out from the attorney generals office but there was no address for my son.

I couldn't sue the father if i wanted to. I don't have an address for him and the courts do not find people for you. So thats why i believe The Attorney Generals office is unintentionally interfering with my parental rights by possibly ensuring that i won't have the income or a clean record needed to ensure employment.

The Child Support worker is just doing his job. He has a script and knows little of family law or Constitutional Rights but is given the power to ruin a person financially because they owe child support. It is a machine! Human nature and emotion do not apply.

Dallas, TX
255th Family Court

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Sep 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Is like that saying, The Gov puts an innocent person in Jail or in Prison for a Crime that they NEVER had done nor DID, Just to see the OUTCOME of that Person?

Now we all know, Is NOT a good OUTCOME....etc

So, that's what the GOV is doing to US right now .... MEN'S, WOMEN'S ..... to all OF US !!!

Their USING and DOING the same thang/Experiment/Snow Balling Samplimg on us ......The Same Way.....LIKE


THE MAIN FOCUS IS ON THE .. Direct Attorney ......Hell with the Jugde.

Mar 30, 2011
Asking for help is the first step but it will take time.
by: A. Parks

Thanks for the post. YOU definitely want to check w/ local school districts to locate child because even when home-schooled they have to register w/ District office.
I have only seen my son three times and still do not have his actual address only a phone # and email.
Join a support group for parental alienation in your area.
More importantly, Don't panic! Your son is safe.

Mar 29, 2011
Please help me find my son!
by: Anonymous

I am going through the same situation that alot of you are going through. I am desperate to find help to locate where my son is! About a year and a half ago my exhusband suprised me with a delivery of court papers taking me to court for custody of my son. It was 2 weeks before he started school and i had 2 weeks to hire an attorney. I tried all the legal aid places and nobody would help me. I am currently on a fixed income and at the time i was barley surviving. I finally agreed that my exhusband would have primary/ joint custody with our son because he promised me i would be able to see my so by the standard possesion orders. I made the biggest mistake in the world by agreeing to that because ever since then i have only seen my baby boy 2 times in over a year and a half :( The only mistake other then that i made was to trust my ex husband and let him see my son whenever he wanted too and he used that against me by saying he had my son more then i did. I didnt have an attorney at the time to argue my case. I finally did hire an attorney but it took him 6 months to file the modification papers. A miracle happend on Feb 4 2011 i was granted joint custody with me choosing the primary residence. I was so happy! Just to find out my ex husband moved and now he wont tell me where he is. I have contacted the police and they said because i dont have sole custody its not kidnapping! I went to the courts and they told me to talk to Volunteer Lawyers Association and they told me to contact the FBI. I did that and spoke with them and they said they cant help me either. I dont know what to do and i am desperate to find my baby boy. He is 7 almost 8 in May and he has not been in school for almost 2 years! Please if anybody can help i would greatly appreciate anything.

Sep 17, 2010
Please Remove Immediately!
by: Akilah Parks

This is Akilah Parks and I am giving an update on my situation. I have recently relocated to Dallas pursuing counseling for my self and son to repair our broken and hostile relationship.
Unfortunately I must remove all internet references to my case so i humbly request that this post be removed as soon as possible.
Thank everyone for their support and a special thank you to the person who started this site.
Again, please remove this post from your site and i apologize for any inconvience this has caused anyone.

Apr 22, 2010
Thank You everyone. Here is an update.
by: Akilah Parks

I have attained a lawyer in Dallas with John H Carney and Associates. My grandfather who has advanced cancer gave me his surgery money for the retainer. His doctors told him he lost too much weight to safely operate. (He is 83.)
The paralegal Barbara Stewart represented me during two scheduled child support hearings in Unit 403 of The Texas Attorney General office. The state of Texas has dropped the child support against me because the details of visitation and custody were too cumbersome for them.
To the lady with the 15 year old son, try to get a lawyer!May the almighty strentghen you like he did me. It is Hell when you are broke but don't ever feel defeated. Your son is wonderful and brave for going before that judge and attempting to express his need for you. I totally identify with your frustration about the Courts. This custody battle has toughened me emotionally and I realize that I am only as strong as my lawyer exerts me to be. Get money from recycling, financial aid, wherever just gather your financial resources and fire back. You have just as much power as he does. When you believe that doors will open!I thank you for your comment and I support you holding on to your son. I am holding on to mine regardless if he knows my name or not, I am going to be there. I refused to be pushed to the side or erased because I am broke.
I will still pay child support to the father because my son has lived with him for so long.
However, I am insisting a visit with my son prior to payments being made. The paralegal for my legal team informed me that the father has retained a lawyer and is countersuing but he can't force payment with out contact information for my son.
The father is still refusing to provide a phone number or address for the child but it is matter of time before we establish visits with Dispute Mediation Services in Dallas, Texas.
Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to travel from Sacramento to Dallas.
I have been out of permanent employ for a couple of years. Private companies are not hiring undergrads and some want you to volunteer for free. I cannot afford to volunteer any longer. I need a regular paycheck every week or so.
I am going to pay for a cheap ticket when I get my first check from a temporary position but I have to deal with back rent and other outstanding bills.
Those of you going through a situation like mine realize the amount of stress it creates in the mind. But I say listen to your breathing and focus on what is best for your child in the long run because they are growing into adults as we speak.
Don't give up on the possibility of your children loving you just as much as you love them.
We will see our children again. Take one day at a time and take advantage of progress.
I am grateful to Child Support State by State for this post opportunity.
Thank You Holcy
May the Most High Bless All of You

Apr 20, 2010
my son's father escaped New Mexico and went to Texas for better chances of keeping physical custody!
by: Elaina

Texas has some very real problems with rights of non-custodial parents (and, in my case, their young adult children)--especially, if the custodial parent is wealthy. There is no means testing -- so, a non-custodial parent living in poverty will still be ordered to pay child support. PROBLEM #1.

In my case, my son's father forceably moved my 15 year old son across state lines from New Mexico to Texas as a punishment for his grades dropping below a 3.2 GPA. He did this without my consent--it's okey doekey for the parent with physical custody to move the child without consent of the non-custodial parent WHO SHARES JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY. In fact (according to the witness testimony of a therapist), his real reason for moving to Texas was to run away from the more reasonable laws of New Mexico and Massachusetts. Texas promotes "forum shopping." PROBLEM #2.

My son, at age 15, filed a Preference of Child in an effort to get out of Texas and back with me in New Mexico. The hearing was pitiful. My son did have his day in court (after three days)--he met in private chambers with the Lubbock judge (no guardian ad litem, no legal representative, no family therapist present -- just him and the judge). Well, the judge stood on his soap box and, for over an hour, bent my son's ear with his life story--attributing his success in life to having a father with a strict hand! It didn't matter that my son had been taken from the only real parent that my son had known! PROBLEM #3.

Anyway, good luck with getting in touch with your children. I do hope they will sneak away to a phone so that you can (at least) hear there voices and know that they are well.

Mar 08, 2010
Thank You for Encouragement
by: Akilah

Thank you both very much for the encouragement and information. I will contact J. Banta? today.
I also agree with you anonymous that its not about gender but parental pain.
I am new to websites and stuff but I'm going to try and build mine.
Its nice to know that I am not alone in my frustrations.

Mar 07, 2010
dont give up
by: Anonymous

well im a father but understand the situtation can happen on both sides and the courts unfornatly it seems do only care about money hopefully one day things will change but wouldnt hold breath i noticed your from sacramento my suggestions if you are is to talk to j.banta resource center it is a fathers organization but they can help women too and they helped me be part of my babys life which otherwise wouldn't have happened talk to david specifically and explain situtation his office is across from the courthouse on power inn rd. he can help find inexpensive lawyer and help you through the process however long it takes it took me three years but it works good luck

Mar 06, 2010
Sounds familiar
by: Kala

your situation sounds alot like what my mother is going through with her two children. one has recently snuck and contacted her, but we havent heard from the other one in about 7 or 8 years. like you said, no address, no phone number, nothing. he is also remarried and she claims to be the mother, but not accusing my mother of kidnapping. i know its rough and emotionally draining, and honestly the court systems care about nothing except money, but just keep hope that maybe one day your son will too do what my sister has. i hope that you have contact with him soon. good luck and i wish you the best.

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