The Child Support Laws are flawed

I am a 28 year Army soldier. I have to pay child support for three of my children. Recently, I was taken to court and my child support was raised to a large amount for one child. The big deal with this is the fact that I do not know how the money is being spent. If it is being spent on him, then it is fine. If not, then I am taking care of someone who should be out working and taking care of themselves. When people get unemployment, they have to report that they have been looking for a job every week.

I think the recipient of child support should report to Child Support Enforcement what they have done with the money. I know for a fact that some people do not spend a penny on children when they receive that money. That is not fair to the child or the parent paying the child support. I have step kids. The law did not recongnize them when they were deciding to raise my child support. They said that I had to adopt my step kids. When you marry a person and they have kids, the kids are also your responsibility. If you do not treat them kids like your own, you are asking for a divorce.

Back to the matter at hand. The schools wanted to see my check stubs when deciding if they would get free lunch or not. They did not say that my income did not count because I did not adopt them. My step kids cannot get medicaid because my income is too high even though I did not adopt them. Every other agency acknowleges my step kids except for Child Support Enforcement. Plus, the fathers of my step kids would not want to give up the rights to their kids.

I would not want to either. They did want to know my wife income so they could possibly raise my child support even more. Why would they use her income if she did not adopt my kids. I think that is so unfair. We also have custody of our nephew because of family issues. I showed the documents to the judge and he totally dismissed it. Where is there a law that helps people like me and my family who try their best to do the right thing. I am a man with complaints, but I know that there are women who is suffering as well.

I have talked to lots of people who complains about these laws and how they got treated unfairly. Child support should be handled on a case by case basis, not as a whole. Every person situation is different. I'm writing this because I want to be heard someone who could possibly make a change. It does us no good to talk to people who cannot make or change laws. I would really love it if some of these thing was change. I beleive that people should pay child support. I just do not agree with the methods and guide lines being used.

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