by Diane

My Husband is a wonderful man, he is an amazing father of 3 boys 2 with his ex and one with me. He pays child support on time for his other 2 he is always picking them up and taking them places, he loves spending time with all 3 boys they are is world,His Ex girlfriend Sarah is a wonderful women as well she is understanding and down to earth her and I are great friends ( hard to belive I know) Now here is where our life takes a turn, When I first met my husband he had just broken up with a girl named Kate, at the time they broke up Kate was 7 months preggo, with what we thought was my husband child. Now I should tell you that when Kate kicked my husband out it was 12 am and he had his 2 other boys that weekend at the time they where 2years and 8 months old. She kicked him out because he happend to look at a women with no top on at the beach (hello who woulden't look. ANYWAY, Kate had a baby boy she called us 3 WEEKS after the baby was born to tell us she needed money for the baby, she would not even tell us if she had a boy or girl untel we paid her cash ( nut case) my husband went to give her money, she would not allow him access unless she was there with him, so off to court we went.

We saw the child 3 times, I got a phone call from one of her ex friends saying that we should be asing for a DNA test because Kate did not know who the father was, I then got another phone call from an old mutual friend of theres saying that she knows for sure that Kate was sleeping with her ex while she was with my husband. So I called her up and asked for a DNA test to be done on the baby, she said no way in hell and had a heated argument on the phone, That was the last time I spoke to Kate, and the last time my husband saw the baby, she took off, ddi not change her address with FRO, or the courts. It took us 9 years but we found her, we took her to court in March of this year asking for a DNA test, she said No to the DNA and the courts agreed with her because we are asking for it so late in the childs life ( umm hello we colden't find her) She also took us for $6000 is back support because my husband made more money is the past 8 years than the support was ordered for and he did not tell her ( WE HAD NO IDEA WHERE SHE LIVED) NOW we are taking her BACK to court AGAIN Because my husband lost his job in June and we are STILL asking for DNA test, we hired a lawyer this time so I am hoping that the 5000 in lawyers bills is worth it. Seems really funny that she is so agains the DNA, if you have nothing to hide than why not do it. Ohya and I must add that she has never worked a day in her life she has a grade 9 education and lives off of our tax dollars and child support, she had 4 kids by 4 different dads, all of the relationshps lasted untel 2 months before the child is born ( humm I see a pattern) She makes almose $4000 a month in child support ( may I add that is non taxed income) and also recives geared to income housing and gov.asst. Nice eh......we need all the prayers we can get right now people

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