The great child support fraud!

My wife and I had 3 children together. After 10 years of marriage, I caught her cheating on me, (actually, my children informed me that when I went to work, their mom would go to another residents apartment and play "tickle" under the covers, naked, with him.

When I confronted her, she told me she was leaving me. I tried to work things out but one day, I come home from work and there is a truck parked outside our apartment and people loading it up with our stuff. I approached the house and was stopped by one of the men who told me to "back off".

My wife had gotten a restraining order claiming I was abusive so that she could move to a "safe house" for battered women. I was shocked, I had NEVER laid a hand on her. I let her get all the stuff and leave. She took the children with her. Every morning at 7:00am she would drop the children off and go off with her boyfriend until dusk, (she had to be in the "safe house" by that time or she would not be allowed in).

When the state, (WA), gave her a housing grant, she and our children moved into an apartment. When I attempted to see the children she would not allow me to. I got signed and notarized affidavits from other residents in my apt. community who stated that the only person that they thought was abusive was my wife. I went to court and the judge just tossed the file aside stating that it was immaterial. And if she ever heard that I was abusive again, she'd throw the book at me.

BUT, she did allow visitation,in a public place, I also had to pay support. She broke up with that boyfriend and called me to say she wanted to work things out, I fell for it. We started to look for a place to live and all of a sudden, she told me to get out. She had found a new boyfriend. They moved into his house and after a month, told me to pick up my oldest son, saying that he was "worthless".

She kept me from seeing the children, again. I finally had enough money, borrowed from family, to get a lawyer, who got me visitation. My wife then decided to move out of WA to Chicago, Il. I had just won visitation. Now, she had told WA housing that she paid rent to her landlord, (a.k.a. boyfriend), the children told me that when he got the check, he would cash it and give her the money.

I told that to my lawyer and he told me that it was fraud. He then told the court that and they told us that they would investigate this accusation before making their decision. That very night, my wife called me to give up the children, and start paying support.
She moved to who knows where, changed her name and never paid a dime in support. We heard from her 5 years later, on mother's day.

She showed up and demanded the children, her boyfriend was out in the car with a video camera, taping my reaction, I called my attorney who informed me that the parenting plan was still in force and that she was allowed to take them, even if she had not paid any support.

One year later, I had been trying for 6 years to get Oregon to enforce Child support, since that is where we resided, but they informed me that they had no jurisdiction. I went to court to get sole custody and "she" shows up with her boyfriend to fight it. She wanted the children, too. My children had been promised that they would get whatever they wanted, (big deal to 10,11,13 year old children who were being raised by a single father and not getting any support). They wanted to go, so I dropped my case, she got a forgiveness on past child support, and a new support order for me to pay, with NO compensation for past expenses.

One year later, she sent the oldest back, calling me to tell me to be at PDX in 2 hours, as my son would be there. She never wanted to see him again. I went to pick him up. On the next day I went to get modification papers and they informed me that unless she signed a release form, they could not modify the order. One year later, my middle son came to live with me.

His mom was divorcing her Husband, and she had treated my son and daughter like outsiders since they had gone to her house. AGAIN tried to get modification through the state of WA and Oregon, only to be told that unless she signed the release forms, I still had to pay support. My daughter called me 2 months later to tell me she had moved out of her mothers house because mom told her that there was a possibility that I was not her father.

Now, she has an empty house, and I am paying FULL child support enforced by the state of Florida, AND Oregon AND Washington, and there is NOT A DAMN THING I CAN DO ABOUT IT!! I bring home $328.00 a month, and am having to support my 12 year old son from my last marriage on that $328.00. Beat that!!

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Thanks for caring!!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your support. Thing is, it's my children who've suffered. None of them feel as if they have a mom, and I know it hurts them. In the spirit of the child abuse law guidelines that are basically the same in every state, the states involved with this particular case are all guilty. They have, lawfully, allowed my ex to commit emotional, financial, and mental abuse to my children from our marriage, and are now taking it to my son from my second marriage, (which was destroyed by the actions of my ex, my second wife just couldn't take the constant barrage of "legal" blackmail.) I personally agree with the "idea" of child support, those that play should pay, but the way it sits right now, my ex has never spent her own money supporting her children. And the courts apparently think that this is fair.

I feel you.
by: smrfr

When it comes to Childsupport is a Hell of a Drug.
While the government, Is and will enjoy every part of it from doing nothing.

Is alway like that, a good relationship with our own Kids,. So why does the Ex needs the money and the Courts want their share, too?

But, it's all a scam.

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